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ENBOUND will release „The Blackened Heart” on November 18th, 2016!

The Swedish melodic metal band ENBOUND will release their new album „The Blackened Heart“ on November 18th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings! The distributor in Germany and Austria is Alive.



Lee Hunter [Lars Säfsund – Work of Art] – Vocals

Swede – Bass

Marvin Flowberg – Guitars

Mike Cameron Force [ex. Zonata] – Drums

„The Blackened Heart“ contains a nice mix of heavy and up tempo songs, all with their own strong and grasping melodies. Enbound prove with „The Blackened Heart“ that they can handle any angle of melodic metal. Like on their debut album, the characteristic powerful arrangements remain with the fantastic and emotional vocals from Lee Hunter on top.

The album was mastered by Jacob Hansen [Amaranthe, Volbeat, Primal Fear] and guests on the album includes Linnéa Wikström [Kamelot, Therion] and Mike LePond [Symphony X].

„The Blackened Heart“ track listing

01. Falling

02. Give Me Light

03. Crossroad

04. Get Ready For

05. Feel My Flame

06. Twelve

07. Holy Grail

08. HIO

09. They Don’t Really Know

10. Make You So Unreal

„The Blackened Heart“ artwork:

Enbound band photo:

ENBOUND online


Celeb Car Crash: New record “People Are The Best Show” released on 1981 Records!

Available since yesterday in all digital stores and streaming services “People Are The Best Show”, new album from Celeb Car Crash released worldwide by 1981 Records. The release in Germany and Austria will officially happen on October 28th, 2016.


The record was mixed by Riccardo “Paso” Pasini at “Studio 73” (Extrema, Ephel Duath, etc…) and mastered by Riccardo Parenti at “Elephant Studios”; except for the track “January” mastered by Giovanni Versari at “La Maestà Mastering Studios” (Muse, Subsonica, etc…).

The Artwork of the record was made together with famous Chinese artist “Maleonn” (, one of the most influential visual active performers of our time from China. His works were exhibited around the world and caught the attention of international media including The Guardian, Daily Mail and the BBC.

Listen to a sound clip in advance to “Outdone”, a new track taken from “People Are The Best Show”:

Please send us your promo requests for this release!

Tracklist: 1- Let me In, 2- Because I’m Sad, 3- The Whereabouts, 4- Outdone, 5- Hello  ‚Morning, 6- Murder Party, 7- January, 8- Enemy’s Desire, 9- Stereo (The Body of Christ), 10- Hangin‘ On A Rope, 11- Nothing New Under The Sun, 12- Nearly In Bloom


Buy “People are the best show” here:



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Amazon :









The Swedish melodic metal band NARNIA just released a music video for their new single „I Still Believe“ online. The track comes off the highly anticipated self-titled NARNIA album that is released today, September 16th.

Link to the music video:


On the new self-titled album NARNIA re-visits their melodic roots but with an updated sound, creating a perfect blend; a powerful production by CJ Grimmark, mixed and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson.

Narnia Line-up 2016: Christian Liljegren – Vocals; CJ Grimmark – Guitars, keyboards & backing vocals; Andreas “Habo” Johansson – Drums; Martin Härenstam – Keyboards; Andreas Passmark – Bass

During the years Narnia has been established as one of the leading forces in melodic, neoclassical metal, with a strong reputation of being a great live act that always delivers. And so it continues.. The fans are asking for more and the band is hungrier than ever!

Upcoming NARNIA tour dates:

September 23rd: Scenen Sofiehof Underjord – Jönköping, Sweden

September 24th: Nalen Klubb (Alcazar) – Stockholm, Sweden

September 25th: iNTiMAN – Västerås, Sweden

November 5th: Faddergalan – Kungsängen, Sweden

November 11th: Brainstorm Festival – Apeldoorn, Netherlands

More tour dates will be announced soon.


Narnia band photo:

„Narnia“ album artwork:


Narnia online




The cinematic metal band DARK SARAH will release their new album „The Puzzle“ on November 18th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

Dark Sarah is a music project by Finnish metal band Amberian Dawn’s former vocalist Heidi Parviainen. During the years with Amberian Dawn, she released four studio albums and did several European tours. After parting ways with Amberian Dawn in late 2012, she started to build up her solo career and formed Dark Sarah.

The debut album entitled „Behind the Black Veil“ was released in May 2015 and led you through the psychological adventure of Sarah, who was hovering between her two personalities and changed to her evil side persona, Dark Sarah.

The new album „The Puzzle“ is a concept album and it continues the story from „Behind The Black Veil“. „The Puzzle“ tells a story of Dark Sarah who has been send to an island where the banished souls live. To get off the island she needs to solve the puzzle and find three keys.

Dark Sarah´s music combines metal, film music and theatrical elements. On „The Puzzle“ album Dark Sarah´s thoughts are best depicted in the dialogues (duets) with the guests : FATE: Manuela Kraller [ex. Xandria], EVIL SIREN MERMAID: Charlotte Wessels [Delain] and DRAGON: JP Leppäluoto [Charon, Northern Kings].

Link to the music video for „Little Men“:

Link to an album trailer for „The Puzzle“:

„The Puzzle“ track listing

01. Breath

02. Island In The Mist

03. Little Men

04. Ash Grove

05. For The Birds

06. Deep And Deeper

07. Dance With The Dragon [feat. JP Leppäluoto]

08. Cliffhanger

09. Aquarium [feat. Charlotte Wessels]

10. Rain [feat. Manuela Kraller]


„The Puzzle“ artwork:

Heidi Parviainen photo:

„The Puzzle“ album poster:


DARK SARAH online:




Inner Wound Recordings online:



Distributor in GAS: Alive

PETER GABRIEL – „Growing Up Live“ erscheint am 14.10.2016 bei Eagle Vision/ Edel!

Liebe Presse,

am 14.10.2016 erscheint bei Eagle Vision/ Edel die neue DVD und Blu-ray von PETER GABRIEL „Growing Up Live“. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Wiederveröffentlichung aus dem Jahr 2005, gefilmt während der „Up“-Tour, für die wir gerne Vorbestellungen entgegen nehmen.

Unser PR-Gebiet: Deutschland und Österreich (nur Print).


Peter Gabriel – Growing Up Live


In den Jahren 2002 und 2003, nach Veröffentlichung des Albums „Up“, ging Peter Gabriel mit seiner großen „Growing Up“ Show auf Tour. Hier arbeitete er erneut mit seinem Produktion-Designer Robert Lepage zusammen, der ihm eine spektakulär-theatralische Liveshow entwickelte. Diese Konzertreise  führte die Band durch insgesamt 32 Städte in den USA, Canada und Europa. Der Konzertmitschnitt stammt aus dem Filaforum in Milan. Resultat war die Live-DVD „Growing Up Live“, die nun wieder erhältlich ist.

Im Jahr 2004 führte die „Still Growing Up“ Tour Peter Gabriel und seine Band in kleinere und dadurch eher intimere Konzerthallen, die im Kontrast stehen zu den riesigen Arenen, die auf der „Growing Up Live“ DVD zu sehen sind. DVD 1 enthält dieses Liveerlebnis. Den „Unwrapped“ Film auf der zweiten DVD zeigt die Welt hinter den Songs und eine ganz andere, intimere Seite von Peter Gabriel, so wie es seine Fans lieben. „Still Growing Up: Live & Unwrapped“ wurde erstmals in 2005 veröffentlicht und ist nun wieder erhältlich.

„Growing Up Live“ wird nun erstmals im Package „Growing Up Live + Still Growing Up: Live & Unwrapped“ als Blu-ray veröffentlicht und enthält die Vollbedienung für jeden Peter Gabriel-Fan. Hier kommt das Livekonzert „Growing Up Live“ aus dem Jahre 2002/2003, die intimere Live-Performance „Still Growing Up“ sowie der Blick hinter die Kulissen mit „Live & Unwrapped“ zusammen als Blu-ray & DVD Package.

Alle drei Veröffentlichungen enthalten Bonusmaterial.

TRACKLIST:: 1) Here Comes The Flood   2) Darkness   3) Red Rain   4) Secret World   5) Sky Blue (w/ Blind Boys Of Alabama)   6) Downside Up   7) The Barry Williams Show   8) More Than This   9) Mercy Street   10) Digging In The Dirt   11) Growing Up   12) Animal Nation   13) Solsbury Hill   14) Sledgehammer   15) Signal To Noise   16) In Your Eyes (w/ Sevara Nazarkhan)   17) Father Son   18) Growing Up – Stabilizer Remix (Credits)

DVD Format: NTSC Region 0

Screen Format: 16:9

Sound Formats: DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo

Running Time: 150 mins approx.

Subtitles: (Bonus Only) English, French, German, Spanish (LAS), Portuguese (BR)

DARK SUN will release „Chronicles Of Aravan“ on Oct. 28th, 2016 on FC METAL!

DarkSun was formed in 2002 in Asturias, Spain by current members guitarist Tino Hevia, vocalist (and former guitarist) Daniel Gonzalez, and drummer Daniel Cabal. With songwriting influenced by HELLOWEEN , BLIND GUARDIAN, and STRATOVARIUS, DarkSun has recorded 5 critically acclaimed albums: El Legado (2004), El Lado Oscuro (2005), Libera Me (2008), Tocar El Sol (2010), and Memento Mori (2012).


Now in 2016, DarkSun release their magnum opus, Chronicles Of Aravan, the English language version of Cronicas De Aravan, released earlier this year in their native country Spain. It tells the story of Aravan, a warrior who returns from a battle to see his village burned down and everyone killed. He then goes on a quest for revenge against those who murdered his people and destroyed his home.

Beginning with “The Battle” and ending with “My Last Sunrise,” this epic tale is filled with never-ending musical twists & turns. Featuring the stellar work of guitarists Tino Hevia and David Figueiras, and excellent vocals of Daniel Gonzalez, highlights include “The Battle”, “Dragon Heart”, “The Legacy” & “For The Gods”.

The last 2 songs are not part of the “Aravan” tale, but are “bonus tracks” showcasing the vocal talents of Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) on “Fragile” and Peavy Wagner (RAGE) on “Broken Dreams.”

The release date for “Chronicles Of Aravan” is set for October 28th, 2016 on FC Metal Records. Haulix links will be available from tomorrow.





The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will release their new album „Ghost Ship“ on October 28th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records. An album teaser video was just posted at YouTube.


„Ghost Ship“ will be available on CD, 2LP and digital. The 2LP edition is strictly limited to 1001 copies worldwide. 750 copies comes with black vinyl discs and 251 copies comes with white vinyl discs.

With Ghost Ship, Theocracy perfects the lively and fully-realized sound of As the World Bleeds, delivering 10 muscular and streamlined tracks that never lose focus and combine for one memorable journey. You like midtempo singalong anthems? Try the “Ghost Ship” title track. Thrashy rhythms and intensity?  “The Wonder of It All” should be to your liking. Emotional ballads with huge melodic hooks? Go “Around the World and Back.”  Or if you prefer epic, progressive tracks that do all these things and more, 10-minute album closer “Easter” is sure to be a favorite. Each song on Ghost Ship stands alone and has a unique signature, but every moment sounds unmistakably like Theocracy.

“So many kids were coming up to us after shows and telling us their stories,” says Theocracy vocalist Matt Smith. “A lot of them were searching for purpose and a place to fit in, and having grown up as an awkward and unpopular kid myself, their words really stuck with me. I started thinking about what a band of misfits Jesus’ disciples were:  fishermen, tax collectors, and people of little consequence in the eyes of the world. Sometimes the ones most people don’t see, or choose to look straight through—the ghosts of society, as it were, dead to the world—end up having the biggest impact. That’s where the title and idea for Ghost Ship came from: all the misfits, the uncool, the outcasts, there is a place where you do fit in. Although Ghost Ship is not a concept album, this is a recurring theme, particularly in the title track and ‘Castaway.’”

„Ghost Ship“ track listing

01. Paper Tiger

02. Ghost Ship

03. The Wonder Of It All

04. Wishing Well

05. Around the World and Back

06. Stir the Embers

07. A Call To Arms

08. Currency In A Bankrupt World

09. Castaway

10. Easter


„GHOST SHIP EUROPEAN TOUR“ confirmed dates:

Fri 4/11 – Hall of Fame – Wetzikon, Switzerland

Sat 5/11 – Kreatief – Neckarsulm, Germany

Sun 6/11 – Exit-US – Prague, Czech Republic

Tue 8/11 – Collosseum – Kosice, Slovakia

Thu 10/11 – Melodka – Brno, Czech Republic

Fri 11/11 – DGH Niederaula – Niederjossa/Hessen, Germany

Sat 12/11 – Brainstorm Festival – Apeldoorn, Netherlands


„Ghost Ship“ artwork:

Theocracy band photo:

Tour poster:


Theocracy online

Official website:

Official facebook page:


„Forever And A Day – Live In Munich 2012“ von den SCORPIONS erscheint am 30.09.2016 bei EAGLE VISION!

Deutschlands Vorzeige-Hardrock-Band, die SCORPIONS, veröffentlicht am 30.09.2016 über Eagle Vision/ Edel ihre neue Live-DVD und –Blu-ray „Forever And A Day – Live In Munich 2012“.

Wir betreuen dieses Thema für Print-Presse aus Deutschland und Österreich und beginnen ab Montag mit der Bemusterung. Anfragen nehmen wir gerne entgegen!

Scorpions – Live In Munich 2012


“Live In Munich 2012” präsentiert das letzte Konzert der Scorpions während ihrer “Sting In The Tail” Welt-Tournee und wurde in der Münchner Olympiahalle am 17.12.2012 aufgenommen. Diese Show geht Hand in Hand mit der Dokumentation „Forever And A Day“, die im Jahr 2015 erstmals veröffentlicht wurde. Für die Dokumentation wurde die Band auf dieser Tour begleitet. Die Scorpions sind eine der größten Rockbands aller Zeiten und Deutschlands Exportschlager in Sachen Heavy Music. Das Konzert beinhaltet insgesamt 21 Songs und enthält natürlich alle Hits wie “Wind Of Change”, “Rock Me Like A Hurricane”, “Send Me An Angel”, “Still Loving You”, “The Zoo”, “Big City Nights”, “Is There Anybody There?”, “No One Like You”, “Sting In The Tail”.
Zusätzlich zur Standalone DVD bzw. Blu-ray-Veröffentlichung „Live In Munich 2012“, wird auch das Doppelpackage „Forever And A Day (Doku) & Live In Munich 2012“ veröffentlicht.

TRACKLIST: 1) Sting In The Tail   2) Make It Real   3) Is There Anybody There   4) The Zoo   5) Coast To Coast   6) Loving You Sunday Morning   7) We’ll Burn The Sky   8) The Best Is Yet To Come   9) Send Me An Angel   10) Holiday   11) Raised On Rock   12) Tease Me Please Me   13) Hit Between The Eyes   14) Kottak Attack   15) Blackout   16) Big City Nights   17) Still Loving You   18) Wind Of Change   19) No One Like You   20) Rock You Like A Hurricane   21) When The Smoke Is Going Down

Formate: DVD und Blu-ray

Label/ Vertrieb: Eagle Vision/ Edel

DVD Format: NTSC Region 0

Screen Format: 16:9

Sound Formats: DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo

Running Time: 109 mins approx

Subtitles: None

ANGELS OR KINGS return with their new album „Go Ask The Moon” on October 28th, 2016!

Angels or Kings return with their infectiously melodic new album “Go Ask The Moon”, continuing where they left off with an AOR treat for fans of the genre.

Please find more details and sound clips for this release below.

Our PR territory will be “Europe” and Haulix links for downloads will be available from Monday.


Product: Angels Or Kings – Go Ask The Moon

Label:  AOR Heaven

Release date: Oct. 28th, 2016

PR in Europe:


They were first formed in Manchester in the late 80’s and were well known to those in the UK AOR scene. The band recorded various demos and played shows the length of the country with artists such as Dare and Danger Danger. Although there had been some interest expressed by various record companies, AOK as they were then known, ultimately disbanded unable to secure a deal in a changing musical environment. Three of the original members reformed in 2011, recruited a new vocalist and subsequently began to write songs for what would become their debut album. The album was written over a period of a couple of years with the band managing to attract a good deal of attention along the way. Various radio stations had started to air the demos and one of the songs was entered into a competition and the newly renamed Angels Or Kings subsequently won the chance to open the last ever Firefest in 2014. The album Kings of Nowhere was released to coincide with this high profile festival appearance.

A wealth of positive reviews of Kings of Nowhere offered comparisons to Foreigner, Journey and Harem Scarem plus British acts FM, Strangeways and Dare. It appeared in many people’s top ten albums of the year and in some cases topped the pile. Rob Evans of Classic Rock /AOR, Powerplay magazine and AOR Underground made it his album of the year in 2014. Further successful shows including an appearance at HRH AOR festival followed in 2015.

Building on this success, the band has returned to AOR Heaven to release their second album entitled Go Ask The Moon. Writing for the album started straight after Kings of Nowhere and 11 new songs have been written with the final song completed in July 2016. Again, the album was produced by Steve Kenny at his own Shabby Road studio and Mad Hat Studio in Wolverhampton.  Mixing, mastering and engineering duties were performed by Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart from Mad Hat who are both well known for their work with Magnum.

The band are hopeful that a video will be released to support the album which is due out at the end of October and you can catch Angels or Kings on the final day of the Rockingham festival in Nottingham UK in October 2016.

Angels or Kings are delighted to announce that Dave Ellis  (keyboards) and Daniel Bate  (bass) have joined the band for live dates. They will join Baz Jackson (vocals) Tony Bell and Steve Kenny (guitars) and Andy Chemney (drums) to complete the lineup.


  • Kings Of Nowhere (2014), Go Ask The Moon (2016)


Soundclips in advance:

ANGELS OR KINGS – Ancient Fires (Edit)

ANGELS OR KINGS – No Alibi (Edit)

ANGELS OR KINGS – No More Faith To Lose (Edit)




NIVA will release new album „Atmospherical“ on October 28th, 2016!

In the realms of melodic metal, Sweden’s Lion’s Share has been synonymous with class and quality for over two decades. Not least thanks to a succession of great vocalists: Andy Engberg (220 Volt, Sorcerer, Section A), Nils Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors, Wuthering Heights, Civil War et al)… and who else? Oh yes – Tony Niva, the vocal powerhouse from Lion’s Share’s seminal fourth album ”Entrance” (2001).

NIVA MUSIC GROUP in co-operation with AOR Heaven now will release the new and sixth album by NIVA on October 28th, 2016! We will handle the PR for this release in Europe and will have Haulix download links available from Monday.


Product: Niva – Atmospherical

Label: Niva Music Group/ AOR Heaven

Release date: Oct. 28th, 2016

PR in Europe:


Tony Niva started singing as a young boy in the mid-80s, inspired by the likes of Dio, Joe Lynn Turner and Geoff Tate. After cutting his teeth in classic acts like Swedish Erotica and Axia, Tony formed his own outfit NIVA whose debut album ”No Capitulation” arrived in 1994 (featuring Ian Haugland of Europe/Glenn Hughes fame behind the kit). Despite the quality of this melodic affair, NIVA folded shortly afterwards. After graduating from the university, Tony joined Lion’s Share long enough to record the aforementioned ”Entrance”– and left the music scene again shortly afterwards. However, in 2011 Tony tried out for the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest with the song ”Janitor of Love”. With limited success, on paper. Creatively the result was so satisfying that Tony extended his collaboration with his new songwriting team. NIVA’s comeback album ”Gold From the Future” was released in Japan in the fall of 2011. (On the European and American market, the album was released under the moniker Oxygen and entitled ”Final Warning”.)

– I’ve been focusing on my career in the IT business, so I didn’t make much music between 1994 and 2011, says Tony. But after that second NIVA album, I made two more: ”Magnitude” in 2013 and ”Incremental IV” in 2014. And after that, I thought I might as well release what I recorded in 1995 as the intended follow-up to ”No Capitulation”: ”Relievin‘ Rain” (2015). Now, however, I’m back with a whole new incarnation of NIVA. On this new album, I wanted to broaden my horizons. Different production, a heavier sound. So I’ve been working with Lars Chriss, my old pal from the Lion’s Share days.

Lars Chriss, now a highly renowned producer with the likes of Overland, Chris Ousey, Radioactive, Seven and Lugnet on his resumé, has lent his producing, song-writing and guitar-playing skills to NIVA’s sixth outing, ”Atmospherical”. Don’t let the title fool you – NIVA has definitely moved away from the AOR-ish, comparative softness on previous works.

– This is more of a melodic metal sound, Tony agrees. It rocks harder, it’s more riff-based and the keyboards are less prominent.

Obviously. Besides Lars and Tony himself, former Lion’s Share luminaries Kay Backlund (keyboards) and monster bassist Andy Loos (also of Glory, Seven, Covered Call fame – to name but a few) have also lent their considerable skills to the creation of ”Atmospherical”. The album even includes a stellar remake of Lion’s Share 1988 debut single, ”I’m on a roll”. So the Lion’s Share reminiscence is very much intentional.

Line-up: Tony Niva – Lead vocals; Lars Chriss – Lead and rhythm guitars, Drums; Andy Loos – Bass; Kay Backlund – Keyboards (Dressed To Kill, Wall Of Bricks, Spirit Of The Night, Déjà Vu, I’m On A Roll, Evil Rose, Raise Your Voice); Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards (The Mountain, Play Our Songs, Forbidden Lover); Nigel Bailey – Backing vocals (appears courtesy of Frontiers Records Srl); Mick Devine – Additional backing vocals (Evil Rose, Wall Of Bricks); George Bailey – Additional backing vocals (Dressed To Kill)

Sound clips in advance:

NIVA – Deja Vu (Edit)

NIVA – Dressed To Kill (Edit)

NIVA – Forbidden Lover (Edit)