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::: YESTERROCK release update 28.07.2011 :::

Munich based AOR/ Melodic Rock label YESTERROCK will release the next bunch of re-issues of rare records from the genre through the next couple of weeks. More information  can be found below.

These releases are promoted through us digitally via GerMusica’s Haulix account. Please e-mail when you are interested but not registered for our digital PR tool yet.


Label: Yesterrock

Release date: 29.07.2011

The Canadian AOR band WORRALL was the brainchild of brothers Rick and Steve Worrall. The recording of the CD Worrall was an amazing experience for Rick and Steve. Working with Jim Gaines, who also has produced, Steve Miller Band, Santana, Huey Lewis and Stevie Ray Vaughan, would have been great in itself, but recording in Memphis brought a whole different magical dimension to the project. The studio was owned by Gary Belz and Joe Walsh of the Eagles. The self-titled album ‘Worrall’ hit the stores via A&M label in 1991. The single ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ became an top 30 Hit. The CD received extensive airplay and international attention, with great reviews in industry magazines such as Kerrang and Metal Hammer. The band ‘Worrall’ successfully toured Europe and North America until 1993. At which time, Rick Worrall returned to his solo career which he still is working on today.

Today, the album ‘Worrall’ is a sought after collector’s item. Yesterrock are now re-releasing this AOR gem. The re-issue is re-mastered, includes a bonus video clip of the track “Heat Of The Night” as well as liner notes by Rick Worrall.

Line-Up: Rick Worrall (Vocals, Keyboards), Steve Worrall (Guitars), Chris Brockway (Bass), Angelo Earle, Sean Lane (Guitar), ‘Bic Mac’ (Drums), Jimi Jamison (Backing vocals)

Tracklist: 01. Best Is Still To Come, 02. Shadow Of A Lie, 03. You Know, 04. Summertime Radio, 05. Catch Me, 06. Take A Look Around, 07. Heat Of The Night, 08. I Can’t Stop, 09. Hard Times, 10. Suspicious Heart, 11. Ordinary Man, 12. Heat Of The Night (Bonus-Video)


THE ARROWS – Stand Back

Label: Yesterrock/ Universal

Release date: 29.07.2011


THE ARROWS were an AOR band formed in 1981 in Toronto, Canada. Their first release was an EP called ‘Misunderstood’. After a couple of line-up changes, singer Dean McTaggart recruited guitar player Doug McAskill (Deja Vu, The Stampeders, Moxy), bassist Peter Bleakney and drummer Gary Craig, and signed a deal with A&M Records. Their debut album ‘Stand Back’ was produced and co-written by David Tyson (who co-wrote Alannah Myles’ #1 hit ‘Black Velvet’) and who also took over the keyboards on this record. The song ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ became a hit single in 1984 and charted in various countries world-wide.

After a couple of more line-up changes and one more album release, THE ARROWS split up in 1986. Dean McTaggart later on worked as song-writer and producer for Tina Arena and Amanda Marshall, and released three solo albums.

‘Stand Back’ has been long time out of print and become a rare collector’s item. With the help of Universal Music Germany, Yesterrock remastered all songs and is now re-releasing this sought after album.


Label: Yesterrock/ Sony

Release Date: 12.08.2011

B.E. TAYLOR is an American singer born and raised in Pennsylvania. His career, which now has lasted for more than three decades, started with the B.E.TAYLOR GROUP in Pittsburgh, USA in the early 80’s. This band has released four albums in total, three of them on MCA/Epic records, and also featured various members of prog band CRACK IN THE SKY – including guitarist Rick Witkowski – in the line-up. In 1986, B.E.TAYLOR GROUP released their fourth and final album ‘Our World’. This record included the top 100 billboard hit single ‘Karen’. After the split of his group, B.E. TAYLOR continued his career as a solo artist working in the Christian Rock scene.

‘Our World’ is a stellar AOR album and one of the most wanted AOR releases from the mid 80’s. This album was never officially released on CD before and thanks to Yesterrock and with the help of Sony Music Germany, this lost treasure was lavishly remastered at Munich MSM Studios and is now available for a wider audience.

For more information on these releases, free feel to contact us.

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