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::: AOR Heaven Newsletter 23.08.2011 :::

Dear press,

below you find the basic  information about the upcoming releases for AOR Heaven in October 2012 – Grand Design and Grand Illusion. The PR for both releases will start in ~ 10 days from now. Please get in touch with your local promoters for your PR requests.


Album: Prince Of Paupers

Label: AOR Heaven

Release Date: 28.10.2011

A year after the release of “Brand New World”, it’s time for the 6th Grand Illusion studio album and which this time is titled, Prince of Paupers.

On this release, the Grand Illusion core trio consists of Anders Rydholm, Peter Sundell and Per Svensson who are joined by Steve Lukather (Toto), Jay Graydon (Airplay), Tim Pierce (Rick Springfield), Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth), Paul Buckmaster (Elton John & David Bowie), Muris Varajic, Kjell Klaesson and Staffan Stavert.

The songs for the new album, were as usual, written and produced by Anders Rydholm and most of the lyrics were penned by Arlene Matza-Jackson.

Grand Illusion started 25 years ago in 1986 under the name Promotion and released 2 albums 1997 and 1998. In 2001, the band changed their name to Grand illusion and started a more active record carrier – and during a period of 3 years, they released 4 albums. In 2005 the band took a time out and reunited 5 years later with the release of the 2010 album, “Brand New World”. Now it’s 2011 and 25 years since Anders, Peter and Per have started to play together – so what could be better than to celebrate that with the release of PRINCE OF PAUPERS?

Track list: 1. Gates Of Fire, 2. Better Believe It, 3. Prince Of Paupers, 4. So Faraway, 5. St. Theresa’s Love, 6. Through This War, 7. Eyes Of Ice, 8. Gone, 9. Believe In Miracles, 10. On And On, 11. Under The Wire, 12. Winds of Change

Soundfiles in advance:

GRAND ILLUSION – Better Believe It (Edit)

GRAND ILLUSION – Gates Of Fire (Edit)

GRAND ILLUSION – Through This War (Edit)

More on the web:



Album: Idolizer

Label: AOR Heaven

Release Date: 28.10.2011

Grand Design was formed in 2006 by vocalist/producer Pelle Saether, Peter Ledin (guitars) & Richard Holmgren (drums). In the following years, the guys worked hard on capturing that big 80’s sound and songs. Grand Design’s 1st album “Time Elevation” was completed in early 2009, during the recordings Anders Modd (bass) & Dennis Vestman (git) completed the line-up. The release gained massive success and was awarded ‘best album’ and ‘best song’ by BeRockRadio and received  numerous top 10 positions for  “best album 2009”. Several concerts including the prestigious FireFest in Nottingham, U.K proved that Grand Design can deliver live. Pelle Saether comments: ”Since we all love Def Leppard, it will always be an influence we use to spice up things.”

Now, two years later, it’s time for Grand Design’s second album #2 – “Idolizer”. The recording process was handled similar to the first album, the line-up is intact and the sound and songs are in the same style. Pelle says: “We knew we had found a formula to make an 80’s rock record work in the 21st century – so why change it?” The record contains 10 songs and contains everything from fast pace rock tracks to slow love ballads. All having a larger than life production, and on top, the famous Grand Design big choirs.

With songs like “Get On With Action”, “OughtoGraugh” and  “Your Love’s A Runaway”, “Idolizer” is gonna be the follow up the fans expect. Grand Design will prove again that the songs and sound of 80’s rock belongs into your players and onto the big stages.

Track list: 01  Get On With The Action, 02  Change Me up, 03  OughtoGraugh, 04  Your Love’s A Runaway, 05  Stealin’ My Love, 06  Let’s Rawk The Nite, 07  Addiction For Love, 08  Idolize Me, 09  Rock Back To The 80s, 10  You’re Gonna Dig On It

Soundfiles in advance:

GRAND DESIGN – Get On With The Action (Edit)

GRAND DESIGN – Idolize Me (Edit)

GRAND DESIGN – Your Love’s A Runaway (Edit)

More on the web:



AOR Heaven have wired 5000 Euros to the Red Cross as the first payment from the incomes of the „Rock For Japan“ double CD  on August 15th.

More updates on this project will follow soon.

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