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ISIS CHILD „Strange Days“ out on Sept. 30th via Yesterrock!

Dear press,

below you find the basic facts about the new release by French Classic Rock band ISIS CHILD entitled “Strange Days”. Their new studio album will be released September 30th on Yesterrock and be promoted by us all over Europe.

Interested press can reserve their review copy by e-mailing us at – we will receive the promo CD’s in 10 days from now.

In advance, please listen to the classic song “If You Wanna Be Mine” through our Soundcloud PR tool:

band: Isis Child

album: Strange Days

release date: 30.09.2011

label: Yesterrock

PR: promo CD’s, all Europe


Back from the US where he spent 12 years playing with great musicians from New York and New Jersey, Freddy Mazzucco (guitars, songwriting & production) decided to return to the French Riviera and form his own band. Together with rock vocalist Nathalie Pellissier, bass player Christophe Canto and drummer Rob Hirons he founded the Classic Rock group ISIS CHILD. Their first release ‘Ailleurs”’ was recorded in 2008.

A year later, in 2009, ISIS CHILD started to record their first English album called ‘Strange Days’. This record was completed in 2011 and now features 12 songs with performances by Alain Rinallo, Hugo Adamand Mathias Lechartier on bass and David Zecca and Chris Droiun on drums plus Robert Geoffroy and Julien Spreutels on keyboards as well as Magali Luyten (vocals coach plus background vocals on the song ‘Stop Looking Down On Me’) and Alex from the band ORION (background vocals on the song ‘Even If’).

The recording was handled by Gerald Jans at Noise Factory Studios (Belgium) and the mixing and mastering by Pelle Saether, singer from the band GRAND DESIGN and owner of the studio ‘Underground’ in Sweden. Designer Mike Lombard was in charge for the cover artwork.

Line-Up: Nathalie Pellissier (voc.), Freddy Mazzucco (guit.), Alain Rinallo (b.), Hugo Adam (b.), Mathias Lechartier (b.), David Zecca (dr.), Chris Drouin (dr.), Robert Geoffroy (key.), Julien Spreutels (key.)

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