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HEARTLAND – ‚Heartland‘ – out on Yesterrock/ Universal on 09.09.2011!

Dear press,

below you find the basic information about the next release via Yesterrock/ Universal which is due on September 9th, 2011.

This release is promoted digitally via Haulix and invitations to registered press have been sent a couple of minutes ago.

Release: Heartland – s/t

Label: Yesterrock/ Universal

Release date: 09.09.2011

HEARTLAND originally were the brainchild of singer Chris Ousey (ex VIRGINIA WOLF) and guitarist Gary Sharpe (ex MONROE). Released in 1991 on A&M Records, HEARTLAND’s self-titled debut album is regarded as one of the finest releases in British Melodic Rock history. Produced by Jimbo  Barton (Gary Moore, Queensryche a.o.), ‘Heartland’ includes the classics ‘Carrie Ann’, ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ and ‘Walking On Ice’. ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ was released a single in the same year. To promote the record, the UK rockers at the time of the release being went on the road together with Mr. Big.  HEARTLAND are still active today, with a different line-up, but still centered around singer Chris Ousey. So far the band has released 10 studio albums and one best of compilation – most  of them on a small British underground label. Due to legal reasons, the best of album did not include any tracks from this first record.

Therefore German label Yesterrock is even more proud to announce the reissue of the first ‘Heartland’ album, which has been a long time out of print and became a rare and expensive collector’s item. In cooperation with Universal Music Germany, Yesterrock is now re-releasing this sought after album. All songs have been lavishly remastered.

Tracklist: 1. Teach You To Dream, 2. Carrie Ann, 3. Don’t Cast Your Shadow, 4. Real World, 5. Fight Fire With Fire, 6. That Thing, 7. Walking On Ice, 8. Paper Heart, 9. Paradise, 10. Promises

Line-Up: Chris Ousey (Vocals), Gary Sharpe (Guitars), Phil Brown (Bass), Steve Gibson (Drums), Rik Carter (Keyboards)

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