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MOTHERLODE – return with „Tomorrow Never Comes“ on October 21st!

Dear press,

below you find the information of Motherlode’s upcoming release „Tomorrow Never Comes“ which will be distributed by Yesterrock in Europe (without Sweden) with a release date set for October 21st, 2011. We will be in charge for the PR of this release in this territory which is mainly being promoted with CD’s. PR will start during the next days and your requests are welcome.

Feel free to listen to the song “Predators” in advance at soundcloud:

Band: Motherlode

Album: Tomorrow Never Comes

Release date: 21.10.2011

Label: Yesterrock

PR territory: Europe (without Sweden)


Motherlode has held the metal flag high throughout three decades. The band was formed in 1982 in Orebro, Sweden out of the ashes of the bands Lizard and Proximity. The guys first had played a lot at the local live scene and then started to sent out demo tapes to labels and submitted two songs to the ‘Swedish Metal’ album sampler which was released by Sonet Records in 1984 before they took part in the ‘Swedish Metal Aid’ charity campaign for Africa in 1985.

In 1986, they hired producer Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, Magnum) to record the debut album ‘The Sanctuary’ in Orebro which saw a release on Swedish label Active Records (which today belongs to BMG). Mark Stanway (Magnum) is heard on keyboards on this album. One year later, Motherlode went out on the road with Magnum to tour Europe. After a couple of line-up changes and playing a couple of hundred shows the band was put on hold for a few years in 1989.

The album ‘The Sanctuary’ was re-released on CD in 1995 with five additional tracks and with vocalist Sonny Larsson being back in the band. In 1999, Motherlode performed their   first gig in a decade and during the years 2001-2006, the Swedish group recorded a couple of new songs for various samplers. In 2010, Motherlode finally started to work on it’s new, second album which is entitled ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’. The album was released on Bold Stroke Records in Sweden; for the rest of Europe Yesterrock is in charge for distributing this CD.

Line-Up: Sonny Larsson (Vocals)  Tom Nilsson (Guitar)  Fredrik Beckmann (Keyboards) Johan Evertsson (Bass)  Pär Hjulström (Drums)


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