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AVENUE OF ALLIES – new promo partner, new releases!

Dear press,

today we would like to inform you about our new collaboration with a new promo partner. From the next releases on, we will be in charge for the world-wide PR for the products of Germany based Westcoast/ AOR / Hard Rock / Melodic Rock label AVENUE OF ALLIES.

The label furthermore will return to promote their releases with CDs. Next up will be the exciting Melodic Rock bands SOUL SELLER and PARADISE INC., both due for release on October 21st. More details about these albums can be found below.

Additionally to this, we will have promo CDs of the June releases by ALYSON AVENUE and LIONVILLE available to now present them to a wider audience. We will start with the PR for all four releases early next week and will take requests from you from now on.



Album: Time

Label: Avenue Of Allies

Distributors: H’art (GAS), Frontiers (Italy), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Cargo (UK, USA, Canada)

out: 21.10.2011


PARADISE INC. are a new Hard Rock band from Brazil fronted by German singer Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (Evidence One). Their debut album “Time” will be released on Oct 21st on Avenue Of Allies and in Europe it will include the bonus track “Steel Or Stone” in an acoustic version. The record was produced by Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse)  and mastered by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69). Guests who can be heard on this album include Doogie White (ex Rainbow) on vocals on the track „Not In Paradise“, Paul Logue on bass on „Wait To See“ and Italian keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio.

More information on the band:

Paradise Inc. are:  Carsten “Lizard” Schulz: Lead & backing vocals, De Grigo: Guitars, Marcos Peres: Guitars, Rick A.: Bass, Allan Juliano: Drums



Album: Back To Life

Label: Avenue Of Allies

Vertrieb: H’art (GAS), Frontiers (Italy), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Cargo (UK, USA, Canada)

VÖ: 21.10.2011


The other October release on Avenue Of Allies comes from Italian Melodic Rock band SOUL SELLER. Their CD is called “Back To Life” and also will hit the stores on Oct 21st. Alessandro Del Vecchio (Shining Line, Lionville, Eden’s Curse) was in charge for the production. The album includes a lead vocal duet with Oliver Hartmann (Hartmann, Avantasia).

SOUL SELLER are based in Santhià in Northern Italy and appeared first on the scene in 1999. After the releases of their debut album “Underground Freedom” in the year 2000 the band went through some line-up changes until the current members finally found together in 2010. “Back To Life” now marks the next big step in the career of this five piece!

More information on the band:

Soul Seller are:  Michael Carrata: Lead & backing vocals, Dave Zublena: Rhythm guitars, lead & acoustic guitars, Cris Audisio: Lead guitars & guitar solos, Mike Zublena: Bass, Steve Bucci: Drums

Very Special Guests: Oliver Hartmann: Lead vocal duet on “Keep On Moving”, Danilo Bar: Guitar solo on “Change Your Heart Tonight”, Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri & Alessandro Del Vecchio : Backing vocals



Album: Lionville

Label: Avenue Of Allies

Distributors: H’art (GAS), Frontiers (Italy), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Cargo (UK, USA, Canada)

out: 10.06.2011


LIONVILLE is the name of a brand new AOR project which also heavily appeals to lovers of tasty Westcoast and Melodic Rock music. This project was initiated by Stefano Lionetti, a song-writer, singer and guitarist from Genova, Italy. Together with Pierpaolo „Zorro“ Monti (Shining Line) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever etc.) he started to work on a record. Label owner Gregor Klee, who loved the songs, secured the services of  singer Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art) who is joined by new Alyson Avenue vocalist Arabella Vitanc for a duet on “The Chosen Ones”. Friends of Toto, Richard Marx, Bad English, Survivor and Boulevard will definitely enjoy this release!

More information on the band:

Lionville are:  Stefano Lionetti: Lead & backing Vocals, guitars

with: Lars Säfsund: Lead & backing vocals, Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards & backing vocals, Pierpaolo „Zorro11“ Monti: Drums & percussion

and: Mario Percudani: Guitars, Andrea Maddalone: Guitars, Anna Portalupi: Bass, Amos Monti: Bass

very special guests: Arabella Vitanc: Lead & backing vocals on track 8, Erik Mårtensson: Backing vocals on track 4, Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars on tracks 1,3,5,9,11; Tommy Denander: Guitars on track 8, Sven Larsson: Guitars on tracks 7,9



Album: Changes

Label: Avenue Of Allies

Distributors: H’art (GAS), Frontiers (Italy), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Cargo (UK, USA, Canada)

out: 10.06.2011


ALYSON AVENUE are finally back with a new album! Arabella Vitanic is the new front lady of the Swedish five-piece band who replaces previous singer Anette Olzon who had moved on to join Nightwish. “Changes” is the third release of this group and was recorded by one of Sweden’s top producers, Chris Laney. Compared to its two predecessors, this new CD offers a slightly heavier edge but still delivers a great sound suitable for any Melodic Rock lover. Guest here include Michael Bormann (ex Jaded Heart), Rob Marcello (Danger Danger), Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk) and Anette Olzon (Nightwish).

More information on the band:

Alyson Avenue are: Arabella Vitanc : Vocals, background vocals, Thomas Löyskä: Bass, guitar, Fredrik Eriksson: Drums, Tony Rohtla: Guitars, Niclas Olsson: Keyboards, background vocals


Label homepage (currently under construction):

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