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TOKYO – back catalogue due for release on Yesterrock!


Albums: ‘Tokyo’, ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ and ‘San’

Label: Yesterrock

Out: ‘Tokyo’ – 30.09.2011 (‘Fasten Seat Belts’ and ‘San’ in Dec./Jan.)

Style: 80’s Hard Rock

PR: digital via Haulix (links were sent on Friday)

TOKYO were founded in the early 80’s near Frankfurt, Germany. The studio musicians and song-writers Robby Musenbichler (vocals, guitar), Ken Taylor (vocals, bass), Fritz Matzka (drums), Lothar Krell (keyboards) who previously had been part of the Michael Wynn Band and Supermax completed their new band with Klaus Luley (vocals, guitar).

TOKYO went on rehearsing for a half year before they started to play their first live gigs. This was the beginning of a great time of many diverse experiences and unforgettable hours on many stages. TOKYO took the crowd by storm with their strong stage presence – with three singers, two powerful guitarist, tasty keyboards and a pumping drum sound.

Their first and self-titled release ‚TOKYO‘, produced at Music Park Studios in Bad Homburg, Germany, was released in 1981 and immediately stormed the charts. The band then started to produce some live video themselves. The title track ‘Tokyo’ became a rock classic and received tremendous airplay in every rock club. Until today, this track still appears on many 80’s rock compilations.

The beginning of the successful ‚Neue Deutsche Welle‘ era took away some time from the band as all members continued to work as successful studio musicians for various different projects – including the band Spliff. This success and the connections to an international management brought them together with the greats of the rock genre such as Toto, Deep Purple or Meat Loaf.

In 1982 TOKYO’s second effort ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ was released, straightly followed by the record ‘San’ in 1983. All three albums previously only have been released on vinyl and will now be available for the first time on CD. All CD’s have been remastered and include various bonus tracks.

The bonus tracks ‚Young Kids In Love’, ‚The Time Is Right’, ‚Behind The Faces’ and, ‚On My Mind’ have been recorded during the 80’s. Robby Musenbichler, who today owns a studio near Graz in Austria, has re-produced these tracks between 1995 and 2004. The tracks   ‚Carry on’, ‚Cryin’ and ‚Girl’ are newly recorded versions of the originals – both technically and musically up to date.

Robby Musenbichler will be available for interviews as well.

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