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BONFIRE – „Fireworks…still alive!“ will be out on October 7th, 2011!

Dear press,
German Hard Rock legends BONFIRE are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their „Fireworks“ album with the release of a live record entitled „Fireworks…still alive!“ which includes all songs from the aforementioned classic plus some more nice goodies.

We will start to promote this release digitally via Haulix and registered media have been sent their link earlier today. Please contact us in case you would like us to add you to our digital PR pool.


Album: Fireworks…still alive!

Label/ distributor: LZ Records/ Sony Music (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
Label/ distributor:
LZ Records/ Yesterrock (outside G-A-S)

Release date: October 7th, 2011


After the release of their anniversary album „Branded“ which early this year has charted in Germany, Bavaria’s finest rockers BONFIRE are surprising their fans now with a second birthday party and a special  present.

The anniversary concerts in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, Bremen (Germany) but also the “Rock The Nation” festival at Loreley, where BONFIRE shared the stage with legends such as  FOREIGNER, NIGHT RANGER and KANSAS, „Fireworks – Still Alive“ have been recorded.

Released in 1987, the studio album “Fireworks” in Germany so far has sold more than 250.000 copies and was rewarded with a Golden Record. The band with the permanent line-up consisting of Claus Lessmann (Vocals, Guitar), Hans Ziller (Guitar), Chris „Yps“ Limburg (Guitar), Uwe Köhler (Bass) and Dominik Hülshorst (Drums) has performed all tracks from the „Fireworks“ album at the aforementioned shows – with an up-to-date sound.

This new CD offers a couple of bonus tracks including the song “I’m On My Way” – a touching tribute on the late Steve Lee, singer of GOTTHARD, and live recordings of the hits „You Make Me Feel“, „Sword And Stone“, „Just Follow The Rainbow“ plus the previously only as digital single released edited version of “Let It Grow” from their current CD “Branded”.

The release of the “Fireworks – Still Alive” record will be celebrated at this year’s Masters Of Rockantenne festival in Augsburg, Germany on October 8th and the album will be officially released on October 7th.

Track list: 01 Ready For Action, 02 Never Mind, 03 Sleeping All Alone, 04 Don’t Get Me Wrong, 05 Give It A Try, 06 Fantasy, 07 American Nights, 08 Obsessive Intro, 09 Sweet Obsession, 10 Rock Me Now, 11 Champion, 12 You Make Me Feel, 13 Sword And Stone, 14 Just Follow The Rainbow, 15 I’m On My Way, 16 Let It Grow

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