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AOR Heaven Newsletter – FATE and ALFONZETTI with new albums on Nov. 25th, 2011!

AOR Heaven will release new albums by FATE and ALFONZETTI on November 25th, 2011. The basic information on these two can be found below. The PR will start in week 42.

Please keep in mind that press from the following countries will need to get in touch with the local promoters to request promo CD’s: UK, France, Benelux, Italy and Switzerland. Every other country (in Europe) is handled by us.

These are the final releases for AOR Heaven/ Metal Heaven in 2011 and the next titles will be due for release in January 2012.

Band: Fate

Album: Ghosts From The Past

Release date: 25.11.2011

Label: AOR Heaven


FATE was formed in late ’84 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Hank Sherman who left Mercyful Fate and got together with Jeff „Lox“ Limbo (a.k.a. Jens Meiner), Bob Lance (a.k.a. Bjarne Holm) and Pete Steiner (a.k.a. Peter Steincke). During the 80’s, the band was one of the leading forces of the Scandi Rock genre and released classic albums such as “Fate” (1985), “A Matter Of Attitude” (1986), “Cruisin’ For A Brusin’” (1988) and “Scrath N’ Sniff” (1990) and went permanently on the road – both as headliner and as support to Pretty Maids and Yngwie Malmsteen among others. Over the years, FATE went through a couple of line-up changes and remained to be active until 1993.

The second chapter was opened when the Danish five-piece started to play live again in 2005. The release of the album “V” (2006), some more touring and yet more line-up changes followed. “Ghost From The Past” now is their sixth studio album in total and the first to feature  singer Dagfinn Joensen on vocals, Danish guitar hero Torben Enevoldsen on the six string, Peter Steincke on bass, Jens Berglid on drums and Mikkel Henderson on keyboards.

The CD was produced by Fate and Thomas Pedersen at various studios in Denmark and mastered by Torben Lysholm. With this album “Ghosts From The Past”,  FATE is truly back!

Tracklist: 1. Children Of The Night, 2. Miracle, 3. Seeds Of Terror, 4. Fear Of The Stranger, 5. At the End Of The Day, 6. All That I Want, 7. Follow Your Heart, 8. Daddy´s Girl, 9. Moving On, 10. Murder, 11. The Last Time, 12. I Belive in Rock N Roll, 13. The Other Side

Soundfiles in advance:
FATE – All That I want (Edit)

FATE – Children Of The Night (Edit)

FATE – Miracle (Edit)

Band on the web:

Band: Alfonzetti

Album: Here Comes The Night

Release date: 25.11.2011

Label: AOR Heaven


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden Matti Alfonzetti began his musical career in his early teens playing bass in the local Hard Rock band Heavy Waters. Later on, he was a member of the bands Bam Bam Boys, Water Front, Jagged Edge, Skintrade and Boxer.

In 2000 Alfonzetti’s  first solo album ‘Ready’ saw the light of day – followed, two years later, by the album ‘Machine’.  Following this Matti started getting into songwriting and producing and had success producing and writing for bands such as The Poodles among others. One new project emerged in 2007, Road To Ruin, including drummer Tomas Broman and Sampo Axelsson and Lars Chriss of Lion’s Share. ‘Road To Ruin’ came out the same year on Metal Heaven.

Now, Alfonzetti’s third solo album is ready. Titled ‘Here Comes The Night’, it is the Alfonzetti’s return to the music and vocal style of first solo album ‘Ready’ with up to date production. This time Matti collaborated with drummer/ producer Daniel Flores and the albums includes guests such as Marcus Jidell (Evergrey) and Emil Fredholm

(Plankton).The CD was recorded at Sound vs Science Studios and Atomic Rooster Studios, Stockholm. All songs were written and produced by Matti Alfonzetti and mixed and co-produced by Daniel Flores.

Soundfiles in advance:

ALFONZETTI – Here Comes The Night (Edit)

ALFONZETTI – I’ll Wait For You (Edit)

ALFONZETTI – Losing You (Edit)

Tracklist: 1. Losing You, 2. Here comes the night, 3. I’ll wait for you, 4. Heartbreaker, 5. Don’t listen to your heart, 6. Why can´t you love me, 7. Lay your love on me, 8. Rock n roll heart, 9. Set me free, 10. I will never let you fall

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