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German label AVENUE OF ALLIES‘ next four releases are due for release on Dec 9th, 2011.

Swedish Modern Melodic Rock outfit ANGELINE return with their second effort entitled “Disconnected”, American guitarist IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY, with the support from top notch singers like Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot), Doogie White (ex-Rainbow), Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow, MSG), Carsten Schulz (Evidence One), introduces his compilation “Vintage Love – The Best” and the Swedish AOR/Westcoast band COASTLAND RIDE offers a new album called “On Top Of The World” plus the remastered re-issue of their debut “Coastland Ride” with three bonus tracks.

The PR for all four releases mentioned above will start during this week.



Album: Disconnected

Label: Avenue Of Allies

out: 09.12.2011


Angeline looks back on a vivid band history of more than two decades. After the band’s foundation back in 1987, when most of the boys were still in their teens, they played their first gigs together. Inspired by the unexpected success of “Confessions” (2010), their first full length album of all original new material, the Swedish band Angeline now delivers the much anticipated follow-up “Disconnected”.

This album now picks up where “Confessions” left off and with only two albums under their belt the band has managed to create its very own sound. It’s a unique combination of Melodic Rock, a genre that was popular when Angeline first started out more than twenty years ago, with super catchy hooklines, multi layered harmonies in Harem Scarem fashion and a healthy dose of Modern Rock, which shows their wide range of influences from bands such as Daughtry, 3 Doors Down and the recent Bon Jovi albums and for good measure a bit of the Retro Hard Rock sound à la Airbourne and Bullet is added.

The album features a crisp and powerful production by the band’s guitarist Jocke Nilsson and a state-of-the-art mastering by Björn Engelmann (Stage Dolls, Wig Wam, Within Temptation, Williams/Friestedt).

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Angeline are:

Jocke Nilsson – Lead Vocals & Guitar;

Janne Arkegren – Guitar;

Uffe Nilsson – Bass;

Tobbe Jonsson – Drums & percussion;

Guest musicians: 

Micke Stenberg – Backing Vocals;

Johan Bobäck – Strings on “Solid Ground”



Album: On Top Of The World

Label: Avenue Of Allies

out: 09.12.2011


Album: Coastland Ride +3 (remastered)

Label: Avenue Of Allies

out: 09.12.2011


In the fall of 2011, the Swedish band and German record company Avenue Of Allies started a partnership resulting in the release of “On Top Of The World” and a remastered re-release of the self-titled Coastland Ride debut album.

In addition to a significantly improved sound, the re-issue of the band’s debut which was originally released in 2003 on the AOR Heaven label also includes three bonus tracks in the form of the unreleased songs “Jenny’s Heart”, “The World Is Not Enough” and “Pitch Black Ride” from the original recording sessions.

The brand new record “On Top Of The World” is an album that picks up the Coastland Ride trademarks from the debut while refining the band’s sound with a top notch production. Each song has its unique style and the tunes come to life through catchy melodies and tasteful arrangements, with the lyrics being just as important as the music. Sven Larsson (Street Talk/ Lionville) guests on half of the songs on the new album on solo guitar.

The songs were recorded at various studios in Sweden in 2011, produced by Coastland Ride and mixed by the band together with Patrik Norman. Jonas Ekström was in charge for the mastering of the new CD as well as for the remastering of “Coastland Ride”.

More on the web:

Coastland Ride are:

Markus Nordenberg – Lead & background vocals, add. Keyboards;

Anders Rybank – Guitars, keyboards, bass & programming;

Mikael Bohlin – Guitars, keyboards & programming;


Guest musicians on “On Top Of The World”:

Sven Larsson – Guitar solos on 1, 2, 5, 7, 11;

Leif Eriksson – Guitar solos on 3, 8, 10;

Morgan Östlin – saxophone solo on 4;

Patrik Norman – guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & programming on 7, 8;

Mikael Cederholm, Benka Jansson : Backing vocals on 5;

Maria Ritzén – female vocals on 10;

Mark Woznicki – the voice on 10;


Guest musicians on “Coastland Ride”:

Per Stenvall – Guitar solo on “Believe in Me”;

Anders Ringman – Guitar solo on “Eyes”;

Tomas Coox – Rhodes piano on “Eyes”;

Benka Jansson & Mikael Cederholm – Backing Vocals



Album: Vintage Love – Best Of

Label: Avenue Of Allies

out: 09.12.2011


Growing up in New England, Iain Ashley Hersey cut his teeth on the heavier British Rock Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bad Company and guitar players like Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Certainly influenced by the voices from the past he’s always strived to grow musically and develop his own style of which he has now most certainly carved out his own unique voice and signature. Later seeking to expand his musical vocabulary he studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he expanded his realm into that of Jazz improvisation, eventually though he returned to the fold of Rock ’n’ Roll.

“Vintage Love” is the name of his brand new release, a compilation including the best of Iain’s previous work which consists of the albums „Fallen Angel“ (1999), „The Holy Grail“ (2005) and „Nomad“ (2008). With „Red Head Rampage“ one previously unreleased bonus track was added. Among the musicians joining Iain for the records is an impressive cast of top notch vocalists like Paul Shortino (ex-Quiet Riot), Doogie White (ex-Rainbow), Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow, MSG) and Carsten Schulz (Evidence One)

This release will without a doubt appeal to fans of Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Melodic Rock bands, but also for lovers of Blues influenced Classic Rock artists such as Black Country Communion, Philip Sayce, Richie Kotzen and Joe Bonamassa, Iain Ashley Hersey has a lot to offer.

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Iain Ashley Hersey – Guitars, bass, Hammond;

Lead Vocals: Graham Bonnet, Dante Marchi, David “Swan” Montgomery, Carsten “Lizard” Schulz, Paul Shortino, Mike Stone, Doogie White, Randy Williams;

Guitars: Steffen “Seegi” Seeger;

Bass: Paul Logue, Jochen Mayer, Marvin Sperling, Dave Sutton;

Drums: Sam Aliano, Jimmy Griego, Bernd Herrmann, Frank Kraus, Tony Medeiros; Hammond / Keyboards: Jim Austin, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Pat Regan, Holger Seeger, Harlan Spector;

Orchestration: Philip Wolfe

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