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::: AOR Heaven to release MARK SPIRO’s new album „It’s A Beautiful Life“ on 27.01.2012! :::

AOR Heaven’s first release in 2012 will be the new record by American artist MARK SPIRO entitled “It’s A Beautiful Life”. The release date was set for 27.01.2012. The Germany based label has changed it’s release politics for the new year and will now release only one album per month to be able to put even bigger focus on their priority releases.  The basic information about this artist can be found below.

The PR will start in 10-14 days from now. Please keep in mind that we’re in charge for sending out these news all over Europe; press from the following countries needs to get in touch with local publicists though to obtain a promo copy: France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. Everybody else:


Album: Mark Spiro – “It’s A Beautiful Day”

Release date: 27.01.2012

Label: AOR Heaven

Style:  AOR/ Westcoast


Mark Spiro is an iconic American songwriter. He is an established award winning producer, recording artist, and accomplished musician, with a career that spans over two decades. Among his many accomplishments are 45 gold and platinum records, and six solo albums. His songs, and his productions have been represented on records that have sold over 100 million records, world-wide.

Born in Seattle, Mark moved to Hollywood where he met Jack White, an extremely successful and acclaimed German producer who was making his impact in the American music market with his productions of Laura Branigan, Stevie Woods, Anne Murray, David Hasselhoff and more. He immediately recognized Mark’s enormous talent and brought him in as his general co-producer. In a span of three years, Jack cut more than 100 of Spiro’s songs on his various American and German artists.

It was at this time that Mark met German writer/Producer, Harold Faltermeyer, best known for his song “Axel F” from the film, “Beverly Hills Cop” and the Theme from “Top Gun”. Faltermeyer was a huge fan of Mark’s writing and production skills and asked Mark to write a song for a new film, “Top Gun”. Mark wrote the incredible, “Mighty Wings” (recorded by Cheap Trick), a film song classic. Developing a reputation in the film industry Mark wrote songs for such films as, “True Romance (“In Dreams” recorded by John Waite); “Selena” (“Only Love” recorded by Selena) and ”Music From Another Room” (“Day After Day” recorded by Julian Lennon). Mark’s songs have also been featured in several Television series such as “One Tree Hill”,“Marker” and “Fame”.

He is most recognized as one of the leading melodic rock songwriters in the United States, with songs recorded by such classic artists as Heart, Cheap Trick, Giant, Bad English, John Waite, Kansas, Reo Speedwagon, Winger, Mike Reno (LoverBoy), Julian Lennon. In addition he has written for multi platinum country artist, Lila McCann, and Latin Artists, Luis Miguel and Emmanuel. Although he is best known for his melodic rock style, it is evident that Mark Spiro has the ability and talent to write for any style and genre of music.

It was in Germany that Mark recorded and released his first solo album „In Stereo“ in 1986.  Mark was signed to Interscope Records by Jimmy Iovine, as a solo artist, shortly thereafter.

Mark’s second solo album, „Care Of My Soul“ was released in Japan, Australia and in Scandinavia in 1994; a unique pop/rock album with Mark’s special trademark of haunting melodies, creatively imaginative lyrics and outstanding vocals. 1996 saw the release of „Now Is Then, Then Is Now“ on Westcoast Records which was a perfect melodic rock record that received unanimous acclaim in the European rock press for being one of the absolute finest releases that year. It ended up winning the UK magazines Frontiers award for ‘best singer/songwriter album’.

Mark Spiro’s next two albums, „Devotion“ and „The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of“ were released on the German label MTM Music. His most recent albums are “King of Crows” (2003), and “Mighty Blue Ocean” (2005).

With the release of his current album “It’s A Beautiful Life”, it is evident that Mark epitomizes the best in American songwriting, production and with his intoxicating vocals, Mark Spiro proves that he has only just begun.

Soundfiles in advance:

MARK SPIRO – Come Back To Me (Edit)

MARK SPIRO – Go Another Mile (Edit)

MARK SPIRO – It’s A Beautiful Life (Edit)

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