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::: AOR HEAVEN to release new albums by LULEY and BANGALORE CHOIR on April 27th, 2012 :::

AOR Heaven will release new albums by former CRAAFT & TOKYO vocalist Klaus LULEY and a new album by American/German rockers BANGALORE CHOIR on April 27th, 2012. They key details and some sound clips in advance can be found below.

The promotion for these two releases will start in ~ 10 days from now. Please, get in touch with PR dept. as below to reserve your promo CD of these titles:

Holland: (new contact!)

Belgium: Rough Trade/ Thomas

France: Eric Coubard

Italy: Frontiers/ Elio

Switzerland: Non Stop Music

UK: Mike Exley

Everybody else located in Europe:


Release: LULEY – Today’s Tomorrow

Out: 27.04.2012

Label: AOR Heaven


Klaus Luley’s career consists of numerous highlights. Way back in the early 80’s of the last century he was the frontman of German based  RCA recording artists TOKYO  and put out three superb Melodic Rock albums. After the demise of the band he formed the band CRAAFT together with Reinhold Besser and Franz Keil. Switching to CBS Records they had a huge impact in touring with bands such as Queen, Marillion, Gary Moore, Level 42, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Meat Loaf. Albums like their mighty debut ‘Craaft’ or ´Second honeymoon´ are still sought after in every rock collection.

Furthermore the experienced singer/songwriter has penned for many artists amongst Meat Loaf and been in the studio singing sessions with Donna Summer, Jennifer Rush or Giorgio Moroder. After meeting Producer Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker) two years ago, they have been planning to record a full new album called “Today’s Tomorrow” with Luley’s songs to showcase his abilities.
The new label home was provided by Georg Siegl of AOR Heaven who always has been a fan of Luley and gave the whole project the kick off.

Soundclips in advance:

LULEY – Can’t Live Without You (Edit)

LULEY – Mountain Of Love (Edit)

LULEY – Slippin‘ Away (Edit)

LULEY are:
Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards: Klaus Luley
Drums: Chris Elbers (Gary Barden)
Bass: Matthias Rethmann (LeeZ, Silver, Michael Schenker)


Release: BANGALORE CHOIR – Metaphor

Out: 27.04.2012

Label: AOR Heaven


“Metaphor” is the name of the new release by American/German Hard Rock band BANGALORE CHOIR, their 3rd studio album in total. The band currently consists of original members David Reece (ex Accept, voc.), Curtis Mitchell (guit.), Danny Greenberg (b.), plus German guitarist/ producer Andy Susemihl and drummer Rene Letters.

‘Metaphor’ features some collaborative efforts as well. David turned to old friends Rikard Quist, who collaborated on the tracks ‘Silhouettes on the Shade’ and ‘Scandinavian Rose’ on the new release and also worked with lyricist Jon Wilde, with whom David had worked with on his Reece-Kronlund release.

David Reece says: “We look forward to the new release and to hitting the road this year in support of the new disc. We’re currently looking at some U.S. dates this spring and hopefully, a return trip to Europe this summer”.

Sound clips in advance:

BANGALORE CHOIR –  All The Damage Done (Edit)

BANGALORE CHOIR – Metaphor (Edit)

BANGALORE CHOIR – Trojan Horse (Edit)

Bangalore Choir are:

Vocals: David Reece
Guitars: Andy Susemihl
Guitars: Curtis Mitchell
Bass: Danny Greenberg
Drums: Rene Letters

Label :


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