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MYDRA – new release on Yesterrock out on April 27th, 2012!

Germany’s leading re-issue label YESTERROCK will release another classic Melodic Rock album on April 27th, 2012: MYDRA’s self-titled album which originally was released in 1988.

MYDRA emerged out of the ashes of another Hamburg band called Charon. After a couple of albums Charon’s line-up changed completely. The new line-up set about promoting the second album as well as writing new songs. After the Feldhahn brothers heard the new material, they decided to produce a third. At this point the singer asked Andreas Feldhahn to take over the drumming duties – which he did.

This third album has been recorded between October 87-March 88 at Esquire Music Studio. When the material was nearly ready it was put out to some record companies, Phonogram took the bait although with one condition ‘You have to change the name‘. Whether that was a good idea will never be known. Midas Touch was chosen, Phonogram ‘Nope’. Okay then Hydra, Phonogram ‘Nope‘. Alright, this is the last try MYDRA. They finally said yes and everything took its course.

After 20 years the Album was remastered and it was surprising how dynamic it still sounded. Of course, nowadays with the digital era there are many more possibilities but that doesn’t make it any better. As the saying goes ‘You cannot polish S***‘. 20 years ago there were only 24 tracks so if you wanted one thing you couldn’t have the other. So you have to be flexible and still compete with the best.

We wish the fans of the 80s Rock Era as much fun as we had mastering it. (Mydra, 2012)

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