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::: HERMAN FRANK – ACCEPT guitarist will release new solo album on 22.06.2012! :::

ACCEPT-Gitarrist Herman Frank will release his new solo album „Right In The Guts“ on June 22nd, 2012. As the successful, previous album “Loyal To None” this is a Metal Heaven release.

We will receive the promo CD’s for „Right In The Guts“ early next week and are taking requests for our countries right now. The full list of publicists for this release can be found below. Please contact your local promoters with your requests. Guitarist Herman Frank will be available for phone interviews soon; all e-mail interviews will be taken care of by singer Rick Altzi.

Promo contacts:


UK: Mike Exley

Switzerland: Non Stop Music

Italy: Elio/ Frontiers Records

France: Eric Coubard

Everbody else located in Europe:

Album: Herman Frank – Right In The Guts

Label: Metal Heaven

Out: 22.06.2012


Without any doubt Herman Frank is one of the most prestigious German metal guitarists of the past 30 years. His dynamic compositions with their raging riffs, hooks and intelligent virtuoso solos have graced not only the works of the German cult band Victory, which he founded in the mid-eighties, and its successor group Moon’Doc, but also as a member of the legendary Accept in the early eighties, appearing on a number of important songs on their classic Restless and Wild and Balls To the Wall albums before returning to the band permanently in 2005.

After his solo debut, Loyal To None (2009) the Hanover resident Herman is coming back relentlessly with Right In The Guts,  his second solo album, a total metal brochure full of energy, determination and pure adrenaline. The disc is being released on 22 June 2012, via the label ‚AOR / Metal Heaven‘, be sure to mark this date in your calendar now! Take notice – if you are looking for some relaxation, then look elsewhere: uncompromising determination rules on Right In The Guts!

A drive by the way, which was not only achieved by Herman Frank’s entire career, but in every note played and by his unmistakable presence. His compositions are impressive for the boiling mixture of rock, metal and blues influences, while his playing combines taste, technique and profound ideas. The same holds true for the musicians who joined him in the studio: Born in Sweden, singer Rick Altzi, with his distinguished rock voice, contacted Herman Frank after learning of his search for a front man. Bassist Peter Pichl was already involved in Frank’s solo debut Loyal To None and is one of the most sought after bass players on the scene. Mamalitsidis Cristos has already appeared onstage with Herman Frank as a second guitarist and plays top quality metal guitar. Drummer Michael Wolpers’ keen sense for grooves and precision can be heard clearly and he has belonged to Frank’s group of friends for years.

Together with this line-up of experts Herman Frank has recorded 13 gripping metal tracks. The recordings took place in his own ‚Arena 20‘ studio located in Hanover, Germany. Frank himself acted as composer and producer, as well as taking care of the mixing and album mastering. Frank has succeeded by implementing an astonishing variety of different tempos, levels of heaviness and forms of expression within a traditional metal frame. With the furious opener ‚Roaring Thunder‘ and the pulsating title track ‚Right In The Guts‘ Frank immediately shows his typical side. This is where instruments and vocals get directly to the point and leave no questions unanswered. This contrasts nicely with the rather unusual number ‚Vengeance‘, a track full of challenging finesse. All in all an album that his fans will love.

…and a work that belongs on the stage as quickly as possible. As Herman Frank personally promises: „I will use every free minute that Accept gives me to play in each and every club in the world that has enough power outlets for my ENGL wall of amp.“ With such a compelling disc, this is a welcome announcement !

Track list: 1. Roaring Thunder, 2. Right In Your Guts, 3. Ivory Gate, 4. Vengeance, 5. Starlight, 6. Falling To Pieces, 7. Raise Your Hand, 8. Waiting, 9. Hell Isn’t Far, 10. Kings Call, 11. Lights Are Out, 12. Black Star, 13. So They Run

Line-Up: Guitars: Herman Frank, Vocals: Rick Altzi, Bass: Peter Pichl, Drums: Michael Wolpers, Guitars: Mamalitsidis Cristos

Soundfiles in advance:

HERMAN FRANK – Raise Your Hand (Edit)

HERMAN FRANK – Right In Your Guts (Edit)

HERMAN FRANK – Roaring Thunder (Edit)

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