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ANGEL KING – debut album „World Of Pain“ out on meantime music on May 18th!

Swedish Sleaze band ANGEL KING will release their debut album “World Of Pain” on meantime music (a subdivision of Yesterrock) on May 18th, 2012. This release is promoted digitally via Haulix and the download links have been sent during this week. Please get in touch with us, if you you’re interested and haven’t received the link yet. Bass player Rock Boston is available for interviews as well.

The song “Rock And Roll Doctor” can be streamed in advance here.

Release: Angel King – World Of Pain

Label: meantime music

Release date: May 18, 2012



Angel King is a Stockholm based quartet playing Sleaze/Glam Rock and was formed in late 2010.

Before the band even had existed, guitar player Jack Vegas had worked with some song ideas for a couple of years, for which he hadn’t found the right musicians. In fall of 2010 Jack presented these songs to his good friends Rock Boston and Snake Denver and they started to jam together. For the first time Jack felt that he had found the right musicians for the project and everything started to fall into place: the song writing felt natural and the chemistry was right.

To take the sound of the music to the next level, the band needed a singer with an exceptional voice.  So after recording a few backgrounds they decided to invite Lazzy G, a friend of Jack Vegas, to the studio to try to sing a track called “World of Pain”. After laying down the track it was settled – Lazzy G was the singer they had been looking for. Just a few months later, Angel King was formed and the band got signed by the German record label meantime music, a subdivision of Yesterrock. The band started to record the debut album „World of Pain“ in fall of 2011. The release date was set for 18.05.2012.

Getting the music out there, taking over the rock scene and tour until everyone knows who Angel King is, that is what will follow!

Angel King is: Lazzy G – Vocals, Rock Boston – Bass/Vocals, Jack Vegas – Guitars, Snake Denver – Drums


01. Dangerous (5:02)

02. World Of Pain (3:31)

03. She Wants To Be Loved (3:11)

04. Living The Wild Life (3:46)

05. Enemy (3:39)

06. Fahrenheit 541 (2:55)

07. Rock And Roll Doctor (4:16)

08. Get Up (3:44)

09. Wasteland (3:41)

10. Last Generation (5:26) (under construction)

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