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Neues Promo-Thema: AMERICAN DOG – „Poison Smile“ (German press release)

Liebe Freunde des gepflegten Rocks,

das französische Label Bad Reputation veröffentlicht in Deutschland mit Vertrieb Cargo am 08.06.2012 das neue Album der amerikanischen Rocker AMERICAN DOG. Es trägt den Namen „Poison Smile“ –  weitere Informationen zum Produkt findet Ihr weiter unten.

Die Print-Presse wurde bereits gestern bemustert. Da wir hier nur eine recht geringe Stückzahl an Promos bekommen haben, sollten sich Onliner, Radio- und Club-DJs bei Interesse an dieser CD bitte in den nächsten Tagen bei uns mit Bemusterungswünschen melden.

Bad Reputation haben in den letzten Monaten noch einige weitere Themen in Deutschland veröffentlicht, ohne dass diese promotet wurden. Von allen vier Themen können wir auf Anfrage bei Interesse ebenfalls Promos zur Verfügung stellen:

Dirt River Radio – „Come Back Romance, All Is Forgiven“ (Rock/ Country/ Blues/ Southern)

Bloody Mary – “Shoot Me” (Heavy Rock)

The Poor – “Round 1 & 2” (Heavy Rock)

Flexx Bronco – “s/t” (Hard Punk N‘ Roll)

Album : American Dog – Poison Smile

VÖ : 08.06.2012

Label/ Vertrieb : Bad Reputation/ Cargo

Stil : Heavy Rock N’ Roll



After 5 albums, Last Of Dying Breed, Red, White, Black and Blue, Scars‘ N‘ Bars, Hard and Mean, three live albums (If You Want Bud, Foamin ‚ at the mouth, Hard On The Road CD + DVD) and Six Pack, an EP of 6 titles celebrating the benefactions of the alcohol and the casualness, American Dog returns to us with a new explosion. We do not change a winning recipe: sex and rock ’n‘ roll…. The only drug which takes our doggies being the beer! POISON SMILE stinks of the carrion.  Its rock ’n‘ roll is obnoxious, furious and crushing. The predator is there! Steve Theado, his guitarist (the man knocked down by a little charitable motorist who left for dead him on the lane with two hoarse legs, a broken pond and an exploded kidney) and Michael Hannon (ex-Salty Dog, Dangerous Toys) produce of the rock testosterone in great quantities. This strong summary of Rock ’n‘ roll is also filled with sex and of humor as usual (Just Like Charlie Sheen, Bathroom romance). We do not change the temperament of a carnivore. Michael Harris, one of these wandering hyénidés, came to complete the line-up after Keith Pickens escapes from the savanna of Ohio. The pack continues to assume henceforth legendary sound ‚ Certified ass-kicking 100 % Rock ’n‘ roll ‚ for our biggest happiness. Poison Smile is the powerful work of three vultures! Not safe that Michael Hannon bends over the fact that females hyenas are bigger and more aggressive than males! Or what they are provided with an oversize clitoris! Ardent subjects to be approached in interview!

Tracklist : 1. Devil Dog 2. Just Like Charlie Sheen 3. Old Dog, New Tricks 4. The Real Nitty Gritty 5. 2012 A.D. 6. Poison Smile 7. Lust and Greed 8. Bathroom Romance 9. Splinterin‘ Sally 10. Off the Chain11. Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?

American Dog Discography: 2000 Last of a Dying Breed; 2001 Six Pack; 2003 Red, White, Black and Blue; 2005 Scars-n-Bars; 2005 Foamin‘ at the Mouth; 2006 If You Want Bud; 2007 Hard; 2008 Hard On The Road; 2010 Mean; 2012 Poison Smile

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