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FATAL FORCE – new album „Unholy Rites“ available on July 20th, 2012!

Dear press,

Danish Metal band FATAL FORCE will unleash their second album “Unholy Rites” on Metal Heaven on July 20th, 2012. More information about the product and some soundclips can be found below. Promo CD’s will be available in ~ 14 days. Please contact your local publicist for your requests:


UK: Mike Exley

France: Eric Coubard

Italy: Elio @ Frontiers Records

Switzerland: Non Stop Music

Everybody else located in Europe:

album: Fatal Force – Unholy Rites

out: 20.07.2012

label: Metal Heaven


In the beginning of 2005, after completion of the second Section A album and his third all instrumental release, Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen, began writing some new material. The style came to be very melodic hard rock with a hard hitting edge – the idea of FATAL FORCE was born.

FATAL FORCE’s album, which was released in the Spring of 2006 in  Europe and Japan, featured Mats Levén (Ex-At Vance, Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) on vocals and Daniel Flores (XsavioR, Mind’s Eye) on drums.

Enevoldsen kept busy with various projects and also joined Danish Rock legends Fate, but still found the time to work on new Fatal Force songs. All the new tracks were completed by the end of 2009, but schedules never aligned for the initial line-up, so Enevoldsen decided to make some changes.

Michael Vescera (Ex-Loudness, Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) joined the band in early 2010. He wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals in his own studio in Nashville. New drummer Dennis Hansen, recorded the drums at Enevoldsen’s studio and the production was completed at the end of the year 2011.

Entitled “Unholy Rites”, the second release from FATAL FORCE will be release on July 20th 2012 on Metal Heaven.

Track list: 01 Run For cover 02 Unholy Rites 03 Fight 04 Lessons In Evil 05 In Silence 06 No One Will Listen 07 Higher Ground 08 Listen To Reason 09 Enter The Night 10 House Of Pain

Soundclips in advance:

FATAL FORCE –  Fight (Edit)

FATAL FORCE – Run For Cover (Edit)

FATAL FORCE –  Unholy Rites (Edit)


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