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Avenue Of Allies press release 06.06.2012

Interviews on ARfm and track by track of Frozen Rain – Ahead Of Time

This weekend Steve Price will welcome Oliver Hartmann from the band Hartmann and Kurt Vereecke from Frozen Rain on his radio show on ARfm. Both bands have recently released their very well received new albums through Avenue Of Allies.


The Steve Price Show on ARfm starts at 18:00 h (GMT) / 19:00 h (CET) each Saturday and Sunday, you can listen to the station’s live stream by visiting their website . Oliver Hartmann will be Steve’s interview partner on Saturday, June 9th and Kurt Vereecke will join Steve on Sunday, June 10th.

In their home country Belgium Frozen Rain’s second album “Ahead Of Time” has been picked up for airplay on the French speaking national radio station Classic 21. Their song “We’re Gonna Rock” premiered on June 5th on the show “Classic 21 Rocks”. Following you find Kurt Vereecke track-by-track round-up of the albums’ eleven songs :

Believe It Or Not
This song is based on a guitar riff of Rik Priem, our guitar player. We had the chorus very soon and the words ‘Suzannah…believe it or not’ came up right away. My friend Chris Swinney wrote the lyrics for the verses. I always wanted to add a ‘fretless bass solo’ in a song and this song seemed to be perfect for it. It gives the tune a special atmosphere and we thought it was a nice opener for the album.

One of my older songs dealing with human rights and slavery. With this line up I finally had the chance to record the song like I always wanted it to sound.

Breakin’ Out
This is the very first song I’ve written with guitar player Rik Priem. I remember Rik had a nice guitar riff on which we built the verses. During the writing session I came up with the chorus and the line “Breakin’ out” which also has been kept in the final lyrics. Again my friend Chris Swinney wrote the lyrics for the verses.

We’re Gonna Rock
In fact this song is a combination of two ideas I had used in other songs. I liked the chorus in one song and the verse in another one I had written. I wanted to combine both ideas in a brand new and better song. It took some time to work it all out ‘cause both songs were played in a different tempo and key. I also had to rework the lyrics a bit but I think it turned out really great.

Too Late
This is the only ballad on the album. “Too Late” is very precious to me ‘cause that song is completely written by my youngest daughter Joke. She has written all music and lyrics for this song at the age of 15. I really liked this song so much that I have asked my daughter if we could record a Frozen Rain version of it. Jurgen Vitrier, our keyboard player has worked out the arrangement. We’re starting with some “electronic” sounds and then it all goes more into an “orchestral” direction. I really love this song. Also great backing vocals from Carsten Schulz, our new lead vocalist on this one with lots of help from Steffen Seeger, who arranged the backing vocals.

Turn It On
On one of Rik his old tapes I had found a fantastic intro I liked a lot. We decided to use it for a brand new song and it is the intro you hear now on “Turn it on”.  I wrote the verses for the song and then we still had to find a fitting chorus. During our writing session Rik suddenly remembered an old guitar riff which was played in another key. Still it all seemed to work very well and I very soon found the melody line for the chorus. The words “Turn it on” came up also right away and we decided to keep that for the song title. I asked my friend Darren Whitehead if he could write some lyrics for the song with keeping the line “Turn it on” in the chorus.

Ahead Of Time
Just like “Forever” an old song again. I’ve recorded an old demo version in the 90s (also added as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the album) but it wasn’t until now that I decided to record the song properly. I also believe Rik & Carsten did a fantastic job on this one.

The Last Dance
This one is based on a song idea of Jurgen of which I thought we could improve it. So what have we done? We’ve kept the verses the way Jurgen had recorded them but the chorus Jurgen had in mind became our bridge. I remember we had been working on this idea a whole afternoon and didn’t find a chorus we liked. Just at the moment we almost decided to stop the session I found the melody line for the chorus which you can now hear. Later on Darren Whitehead wrote the lyrics for the song.

Not At Home
A song for which I wrote all music by myself. I sent a demo version with the melody to Chris Swinney who wrote the words for it.

The Way That You
When Rik and I came together for a writing session one day I told him I wanted to make an up tempo song with a very melodic chorus. That day we tried out lots of ideas but we didn’t find what we wanted. Then suddenly at the end of the day we found the verse and then all the rest like chorus, mid part and so on was written very quickly and the whole song fell into place perfectly. It was Jurgen’s idea to end the song with only keys and I think that works very fine.

Voodoo Party
This is an instrumental song which is entirely written by Rik Priem several years ago. I already liked the song the first time I heard Rik’s demo version. I suggested to the band members to use this song to close the album and everyone liked that. Jurgen then came up with the idea to start the song with a vocoder. For that reason we needed some spoken sentences. These were written and recorded by Chris Swinney in his home studio. We’ve already received lots of great reactions about the song “Voodoo Party” so people seem to love it just as much as we do.


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