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New Yesterrock/Universal release: Joanna Dean – ‘Misbehavin’’

release date: 27.07.2012

product: Joanna Dean – Misbehavin‘

label: Yesterrock/Universal

format: CD

digital PR:

Possessing a voice once described as having the capability to shake the foundations of the very tallest of buildings, Georgia born Joanna Dean Jacobs arrived on the world stage in the summer of 1988 following the release of her debut album ‘Misbehavin’’. A delicious combination of Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Maggie Bell, Joanna’s voice and the southern bluesy hard rock approach of her songs made more than a few people stand up and take a lot of notice. Issued by Polydor, ‘Misbehavin’’ is as kick ass a bluesy hard rock record as they come and led to a great deal of critical acclaim.

Undeterred by this set back, Joanna eventually found a new home for her talents when Polydor came calling. The ‘Misbehavin’’ album was promptly cut at Ardent Studios in Memphis with producer Eli Ball at the helm. After the showcase appearances in Europe (where, in addition to the London Marquee gig the group also played in Odense, Denmark and a “pretty crazy” club in Dublin), Joanna and friends returned to the States where they toured for the rest of the summer.

Yesterrock with the help of Universal Music Germany now is re-releasing this rare album in a re-mastered version.

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