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Avenue Of Allies – press release August 27th 2012 // The Lion roars again!

The Lion roars again

– brand new Lionville album coming this fall

Lionville, the AOR act led by Italian song writer / guitarist / vocalist Stefano Lionetti and featuring the signature lead vocals of Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art) will return with their sophomore album simply called “II” in November 2012. The follow-up to the highly successful self-titled debut will again be released on the Avenue Of Allies label. The record is currently being finished and the band is looking forward to celebrate the first ever Lionville live performance on October 19th in Nottingham (UK) as the opener of this years Firefest.

Lionville originated from the friendship of Stefano Lionetti and Pierpaolo “Zorro11” Monti (Shining Line), who presented a couple of Stefano’s demos to Gregor Klee, owner of the Avenue Of Allies label. The first record was released in June 2011 and the catchy pure AOR sound found many fans among critics and fans, ending up on many “Best Of The Year” lists. Among others the album reached # 3 on’s “Best Debut Album Of 2011” rundown, it also landed at # 20 on the site’s “Best Album Of The Year” charts and the ballad “The World Without Your Love”, written by Richard Marx, Bruce Gaitsch and Amy Sky, reached # 11 on “The “Best Ballad” listing.

Lionville’s “II” will deliver another slice of high class AOR and it sees many of the musicians performing on last years debut returning to the recording studio. Guitarists Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Chicago) and Sven Larsson (Street Talk) are just two of the studio cats who lend their talents again to make the new tunes shine. The names of more special guests will be revealed shortly including a musician who wrote AOR history and who was ranging on top of the wish list of everyone involved in Lionville.

Besides Stefano and Lars, the band’s studio as well as the live line-up includes keyboard player / producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Hardline), guitarist Mario Percudani (Mitch Malloy, Hungryheart), bassist Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Mitch Malloy) and new drummer Alessandro Mori (Mitch Malloy, Axe).


Lionville recording session : f.l.t.r. Alessandro Del Vecchio, Gregor Klee, Stefano Lionetti

To get a first taste of Lionville’s “II” please check out the brand new studio teaser :


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