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Khaøs to debut with “Khaøs Rising” on October 29th!

Dear press & radio,

below you find the key facts about the upcoming EP „Khaøs Rising“ from Swiss/American band Khaøs feat. Chandler Mogel (Outloud) on vocals, Mark Rossi (Tribal) on guitars,     N I c Angileri (Jorn) on bass and Trevor Franklin (Elis) on drums. The EP will be released world-wide on all digital platforms on October 29th.

The promotion of this title will be done via Haulix and links have been sent out this morning. Please contact us if you have not received an invitation to download this EP yet!

Title: Khaøs – Khaøs Rising EP

Label: MarkRossi Records

Out: 29.10.2012

Format: digital release



Khaøs rising

Khaøs was born around the idea of making music without any kind of compromises in June 2012. The band name itself reveals the main musical target: to let creativity, musicality and energy flow, destroying barriers and breaking through obstacles. Music itself is the centerpiece of this work.

Four people, four cities, five stories

Khaøs is a project on a global scale, involving two continents, America and Europe and going possibly beyond. Their members have never actually played together in the same room. This came together thanks to the internet. It was an idea they wanted to put to the test.

Produced by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany, five songs with an unmistakable rocking vibe have arisen from the creative collaboration between Chandler Mogel (vocals, Outloud), Mark Rossi (guitars, Tribal), N I c Angileri (bass, Jorn) and Trevor Franklin (drums, Elis). The debut EP “Khaøs Rising” will be digitally released on October 29th 2012 and is conceived as warm-up for a full lenght.

This EP is taster of a bigger common work, a visiting card to awaken the interest of rock aficionados, a unique opportunity for labels to release a genuine product with international format and for the band to spread their music and extend their fan base world wide. 2013 will be the year of …Khaøs!

Line-up: Vocals: Chandler Mogel (Outloud); Guitars: Mark Rossi (Tribal); Bass: N I c Angileri (Jorn); Drums: Trevor Franklin (Elis)

Track list: 1. Distress Signal, 2. Hated, 3. Reason To Die, 4. Mind Violence, 5. Perfect Future, 6. Reason To Die (Radio Edit), 7. Perfect Future (Radio Edit)

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