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LEGEND RECORDS is proud to announce the release of “Calm Before The Storm 2” by DARE!

Dear press & radio,

UK’s finest AOR band DARE return with their 7th studio album “Calm Before The Storm 2” which will be released on Legend Records on October 8th, 2012.

We’re in charge for the PR for this release and are taking requests from now. Darren Wharton will be available for telephone interviews as well – due to his commitments with THIN LIZZY most dates will be available from now until the end of this month.


Album: DARE – Calm Before The Storm 2

Label: Legend Records

Distribution: ADA/Warner

Out: 08.10.2012


Calm Before The Storm II is Dare’s seventh studio album. Originally released ten years ago in Europe alone, Darren Wharton has since obtained the rights. The album has been completely re-recorded, and the new running order includes the previously unreleased tracks ‘Precious’ and ‚Cold Wind Will Blow‘ . It is the album Darren always wanted to release.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Darren Wharton (who first rose to fame in the early eighties playing keyboards with legendary Irish rock band Thin Lizzy), DARE are one of the most respected and innovative melodic rock bands working today, gaining cult status among AOR fans throughout Europe, the UK and the world.

Darren joined Philip Lynott’s Thin Lizzy at the tender age of eighteen and enjoyed 5 great years with the band touring extensively, alongside renowned guitarist Scott Gorham, drummer Brian Downey, guitarists Snowy White (Pink Floyd), Gary Moore and John Sykes (Whitesnake). Working closely with Philip Lynott, Darren also recorded classic Thin Lizzy albums, such as ‘Chinatown’, ‘Renegade’, and ‘Thunder and Lightning’ on which Wharton co-wrote 3 songs, including the hit single ‘The Sun Goes Down’. Sadly, the latter was to be Thin Lizzy’s last studio album, and in 1986 Darren Wharton returned to his home town of Manchester where, as an outlet for his creative flare for song writing and working with young Oldham guitarist Vinny Burns, he formed his own band, DARE.

Darren re-joined Thin Lizzy two years ago and the band continues to tour extensively around the world to rapturous fans and huge audiences. The band recently completed a big tour of the USA and Europe with Judas Priest and recently supported Guns ‘n’ Roses in the UK as well as scores of major festival shows. Thin Lizzy are currently recording a brand new album and the band’s profile remains high.

Wharton’s style of songwriting – modern anthemic rock with Celtic overtones – coupled with the bands powerful live performances throughout Europe have gained Dare cult status on the British and European rock scenes.  The band’s A&M debut album ‘Out Of The Silence’, recorded at Joni Mitchell’s Bel Air Studio Los Angeles, and produced by Nickelback producer Mike Shipley, is still widely regarded today as one of the all time great AOR albums.

Track listing:

1. Walk On The Water/ 2. Someday/ 3. Calm Before The Storm/ 4. Crown Of Thorns/ 5. Precious /6. Silence Of Your Head/ 7. Rescue Me/ 8. Ashes/ 9. Rising Sun /10. Cold Wind Will Blow/ 11. Deliverance

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