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PRESS RELEASE: Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Talon) launches new website!


Dynamic Rock Vocalist Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Talon) is pleased to announce the launch of his brand new, totally revamped website. In addition to being a comprehensive showcase of Chandler’s work and abilities, Chandler has chosen this platform to unveil six brand new songs (streaming once you enter the site).  The songs were written and produced by Chandler and Stevie DeAcutis (Corey Glover, Cyndi Lauper, Prophet) at Sound Spa Productions, Edison, NJ.  For a limited time as a special promotion for the website, when you go to the site and sign up for the Newsletter, you will receive a download of all six songs absolutely free sent to your email address! (You simply must agree to remain on the mailing list for a minimum of one year; this consists of only 3-4 mailings).


Chandler commented on this new endeavor: „Releasing new music via my website really indicated to me as something that can create a lot of new possibilities so I jumped at the chance to make it happen.  Let’s face it, digital music is the future of music, and the future is NOW, so this can be a great opportunity for people to get to know me better (the website) and at the same time get new music out there.“

Along with the new music, fresh new look rendered by esteemed graphic designer Ryan Clark and shots of Chandler by renown photographer Felix Kunze, at you’ll find more comprehensive and consolidated info on Chandler and his work than ever before. Get up to date news, link to all of Chandler’s social media within a single click, listen to and purchase all of his works in the Discography section, watch videos, get exclusive merchandise, and see what others are saying about Chandler’s accomplishments.

Your feedback on the music, website or anything else Chandler is also appreciated in the Guestbook Section! Enjoy!

Please spread these news around! Thanks in advance!

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