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Avenue Of Allies – Press release September 24th 2012

CHARMING GRACE and the beauty of AOR

The pure AOR of the international recording project CHARMING GRACE is based on the idea of writing songs in the classic style of the 80s and recording them as duets. To give the record its own identity all songs are sung by one main lead vocalist while the featured duet partners are picked individually for each tune because of their special musical talents.


Dave & Zorro (Charming Grace)

The concept was developed by Pierpaolo „Zorro“ Monti (drums – Shining Line, Lionville) together with Davide „Dave Rox“ Barbieri (lead vocals & keyboards – Wheels Of Fire) and Amos Monti (bass – Shining Line, Lionville). After having met through their mutual friend Gregor Klee, owner of the Avenue Of Allies label, the trio soon discovered that they have a love for AOR and Melodic Rock in common.

Already during 2011 plans were made how to combine their talents and the brain storming began which guests should be invited for the recordings of each song.

Over the course of the months the CHARMING GRACE guest list has become a very special round up of musicians as it includes artists which haven’t been in a recording studio for years or even decades.

Ranking among these very welcome guests are lead vocalists like David Forbes (Boulevard), Bente Smaavik (Perfect Crime, Blonde On Blonde), Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue), Henrik Launbjerg (Toys Of Joy) and Moon Calhoun (Michael Thompson Band) to name only a few.

Zorro, Dave and Amos are currently putting the finishing touches to the album together with Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville, Hardline, Edge Of Forever), who will handle the mix. The album is scheduled for a release in late January 2013 through Avenue Of Allies. In the coming weeks the first listening previews will be presented and the line-up of over 30 AOR and Melodic Rock musicians, which is completed by some of the most talented players of today, will be revealed.

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