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RoastingHouse Records release LAVETT’s debut „Find Your Purpose“ on Dec. 9th, 2012!

Dear press & radio,

please find below the key information about the debut album from Swedish Metal band LAVETT „Find Your Purpose“. This release will hit the stores on December 9th, 2012 via RoastingHouse Records/ Sound Pollution and be promoted through us in Europe and North America. LAVETT features singer Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon) in the line-up.

The official video clip for the title track and single of this album can be found here: (youtube for international press & fans) ( for German press & fans)

Please share these links!

This release is promoted digitally via Haulix and invitations to download this record were sent out yesterday to all registered contacts. Please contact us if you haven’t received a link yet!

Guitarist Andreas Olavi will be available for interviews as well!


Album: Find Your Purpose

Release date: 09.12.2012

Label: Roastinghouse Records

Distributor: Sound Pollution

Style: Modern Metal


LAVETT is a Swedish westcoast-based five piece with tons of experience under their belt. Having spent the last ten years making albums and touring with other acts (Dead By April, Lost Horizon, Beseech, The Unguided, Cipher System, Nightrage, Cemetary, Serenade For June etc.), they now feel it’s time to start from the beginning. All though plans for starting LAVETT have been around for some time, it wasn’t until now it was possible to make it happen.

The sound of LAVETT is a perfect blend of their musical ideals. Guitar-based, modern metal with focus on melodies. The listener will be left with both an “I’ve been here before” and a “what a hell happened” kind of feeling. Without swaying towards schizophrenia, LAVETT moves comfortably among their own influences. Even though you may know the LAVETT members from before, you have  no way to prepare yourself for what they’re bringing to your speakers this time around. LAVETT has been opening for Dead by April (sold out show), Sonic Syndicate (sold out show) as well as playing one of biggest rock/metal festivals in Sweden, Getaway Rock Festival (sold out) as well as local gigs around Sweden.

The band consists of ex-band members of “Lost Horizon”, “Dead by April”, “Sundown”, “Beseech” and “Serenade for June”. All band members have been out on tour with their ex-bands, playing more than 400 live shows and released more than 15 albums collectively. LAVETT’s debut album “Find Your Purpose” was produced by LAVETT and recorded in 2012 at Studiomega in Varberg, Sweden.

Line-Up:  Vocals – Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon, Crystal Eyes, Heed); Guitar – Manne Engström; (Beseech, Sundown); Bass – Henric Carlsson (Dead By April, Nightrage, The Unguided); Guitar – Andreas Olavi (Serenade for June, Dodge); Drums – Chris Silver (Sundown, Cemetary)


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