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AOR Heaven newsletter – introducing the January 2013 releases Taste & Shylock!

Dear press & radio,

below you find the key information about AOR Heaven’s upcoming January releases from TASTE and SHYLOCK. From these releases on, AOR Heaven will fully switch to digital promotion. The promotion contacts from now for all coming new releases are:

for all European countries, except for the UK:

UK: Mike Exley

The promotion for these two releases in our territory will be started in the first week of December. To receive download invitations for these and all upcoming releases from this label, all interested contacts must be registered  for GerMusica’s Haulix pool. UK contacts need to check with Mike about promo delivery.

Please contact us in case of any questions!


Release: Shylock – Standing Tall

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: 18.01.2013


Shylock is a warrantor for catchy hard rock songs with sing along choruses and  also became a top part of the German Hard Rock league.

The two masterminds behind Shylock, Matthias Schenk (voc.) and Johannes Amrhein (git.), have been working together for more than two decades. With their band mates Achim Thiergärtner (dr.) and Bernhard Schwingenstein (b.) they continue to follow their roots and show us again their strengths on album number six which is entitled “Walking Tall”. They deliver what they can do best: catchy and up-to-date Hardrock in the year 2013.
Shylock started as a highly anticipated newcomer (German Rock Hard ‘Unerhört’ band) and established themselves quickly as well known live rock act. In the past Shylock have toured and played numerous shows together with bands like Bonfire, Gotthard, Adler’s Appetite, Roger Chapman, Shakra, Right Said Fred, U.D.O., Primal Fear and more. They went on the road in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Certainly, one of the biggest highlights for the band was their TV performance in advance to the farewell-game of world known soccer player Thomas Hässler the year 2005 at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne. Shylock performed their song “Farewell” in front of 20.000 people. This show was broadcasted in Germany on TV (DSF).

The four-piece has released five full-length albums so far: Shylock, Pyronized, Welcome To Illusion, Devotion & RockBuster. Although they did have to take a break from playing live due to the family duties – Matthias Schenk and Johannes Amrhein have been working hard on the new release “Walking Tall”.

The new album starts off where “RockBuster” ended and songs like “Walking Tall”, “Rock DNA”, “I Can’t Wait Now”, “Anything” and “Away From Here” etc. show the band’s strength at the best.

Tracklist: 1. Walking Tall 2. Rock DNA 3. I Can’t Wait Now 4. Bridges 5. What It Takes 6. Sad To Know 7. Sliding Through Emotions 8.Taken It Too Far 9. She Came Along My Way 10. Right Now Or Never 11. Away From Here 12. Touch My Soul 13. Anything


Sound clips in advance:

SHYLOCK – I Can’t Wait Now (Edit)

SHYLOCK – Rock Dna (Edit)

SHYLOCK – Walking Tall (Edit)


Release: Taste – s/t

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: 18.01.2013


Taste was formed by the two brothers Christoffer and Felix Borg the day before new year’s eve in 2009. First, Taste was only supposed to be a side-project, because both also had played in other groups. But it didn’t take long before the Swedes decided to turn Taste into a full  band.

During the two following years, they wrote and recorded five songs inspired by the 80’s and bands like Europe, FM, Giant, Valentine and White Lion.

Since they never met any suitable band members to complete the line-up and therefore couldn’t play live, the brothers decided to record their first full-length album themselves.

Taste had a vision to blend a vintage 80’s sound with a fresh modern production. The self-titled album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoffer Borg in his own studio and will now be released on CD by AOR Heaven on January 18th.

Tracklist: 1. Back To The Future 2. Our Dreams 3. Cry For Love 4. Don’t Give Up 5. Stay 6. My Rose 7. Danger Games 8. Doesn’t Feel Like Love 9. In My Arms (Tonight) 10. The One 11. Fallen Angel



Soundclips in advance:

TASTE – Don’t Give Up  (Edit)

TASTE – Our Dreams (Edit)

TASTE – Stay (Edit)


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