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AVENUE OF ALLIES – April releases announcement!

LANESLIDE – Flying High


LANESLIDE is one of the most exciting Melodic Rock collaborations in recent years, the line-up put together by Italian songwriter / guitarist Bruno Kraler (Brunorock) for their debut album, includes vocalist extraordinaire Frank Vestry (Marcello/Vestry, Last Temptation), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Lionville, Edge of Forever) on keyboards, John Billings (Rick Springfield, Donna Summer, Lancia) on bass, Dominik Hülshorst (ex-Bonfire) on drums, as well as Lino Gonzalez and Bobby Altvater on guitars and Erik Mårtensson & Michael Bormann on backing vocals.


CHARMING GRACE – Charming Grace


CHARMING GRACE is an international recording project developed by Pierpaolo „Zorro“ Monti (drums – Shining Line, Lionville) together with Davide „Dave Rox“ Barbieri (lead vocals & keyboards – Wheels Of Fire) and Amos Monti (bass – Shining Line, Lionville). The idea behind the album is writing songs in the classic AOR style of the 80s and recording them as duets. Among the co-lead vocalist are David Forbes (Boulevard), Moon Calhoun (Michael Thompson Band), Bente Smaavik (Perfect Crime, Blonde On Blonde), Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue), Henrik Launbjerg (Toys Of Joy),  Kimmo Bloom (Urban Tale), Nick Workman (Vega), Stefano Lionetti (Lionville) and Michele Luppi (Los Angeles).


PARIS – Only One Life


The Melodic Rock newcomer PARIS is made up of Frédéric Dechavanne and Sébastien Montet. The duo took its songs to Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville, Hardline, Issa), who produced the catchy rocking AOR of the PARIS debut „Only One Life“ with the help of an international line-up of studio musicians including Anna Portalupi (Lionville, Hardline) on bass, Alessandro Mori (Mitch Malloy, Lionville) on drums, as well as Robert Säll (Work Of Art / W.E.T) on guitar and Steve Newman (Newman, Big Life) on backing vocals.

The albums will be released through the Avenue Of Allies label on April 12th 2013. A detailed presentation of each record will follow in the coming days.

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