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SHADOWQUEEN – Don’t Tell (German Press Release)

Liebe Medienpartner,

das französische Label Bad Reputation (Vertrieb: Bertus) veröffentlicht am 15.04.2013 das Debütalbum der australischen Classic Hardrocker SHADOWQUEEN um Frontfrau Robbi Zana. Die CD hört auf den Namen „Don’t Tell“.

Promo-CDs liegen in limitierter Stückzahl vor – bitte bei Interesse an diesem Thema unbedingt anfragen!

Hörproben gibt es vorab hier:


Band: Shadowqueen

Album: Don’t Tell

Label/ Vertrieb: Bad Reputation/ Bertus

VÖ: 15.04.2013

PR (D & A):


SHADOWQUEEN are Robbi Zana (lead vocals, bass guitar & piano), Si Hopman (Guitar and backing vocals) and Alex Deegan (drums).

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia’s music capital, ‘SHADOWQUEEN’ is the original brainchild of Robbi Zana and Si Hopman who formed a solid musical connection from a history of performing live together. With the addition of drummer, Alex Deegan in 2009, the rock trio powerhouse, ‚SHADOWQUEEN‘, was born. ‘SHADOWQUEEN’ is a rock band that captures an irresistible blend of melodic pop sensibility and thunderous riff rock’n’roll! SHADOWQUEEN live, is a stomping display of true rock’n’roll to be experienced!

“SHADOWQUEEN singer Robbi Zana has a mighty powerful voice, with just the right amount of “husky”, and by all reports she also has a mighty powerful stage presence. The rhythm section here is particularly outstanding. They play a tight flawless rock, melodic yet raw enough to appease any aficionado. If I had to describe SHADOWQUEEN in one word, it would have to be “powerful”. From the first listen, they grab you and don’t let go. In a just world they would be filling the rock stadiums of the world.” — Only Australian Music

Shadowqueen’s debut album is a powerful and heavy melodic rock album that references classic, modern and traditional Aussie rock and has something for just about everyone!

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