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YESTERROCK to release albums by PERFECT CRIME & THE ARROWS on April 5!

After a little break, the next releases will be due for release on YESTERROCK soon. Scheduled for a release on April 5th, 2013 are the following two albums:


PERFECT CRIME – Blonde On Blonde

PERFECT CRIME is another name of the Norwegian group BLONDE ON BLONDE. In 1989, the self-titled debut album “Labyrinth Of Love” by BLONDE ON BLONDE was released as limited edition private pressing. The album sold out soon and became a rare collector’s item. Their second CD got released in 1990 under the band name of PERFECT CRIME and was called “Blonde On Blonde”. Why this happened is a secret which only the band knows. However, the second effort marked a big improvement for the Norwegian outfit. All tracks have been remastered and now offer an updated sound, contemporary sound und will please all friends of the bands which have been waiting for this re-issue for too long.

THE ARROWS – The Lines Are Now Open


The Lines Are Open was originally released in 1985. It was the second record of the Canadian Melodic Rockers. The Arrows were formed in 1981 and performed in several clubs of Toronto at this time. Their first release, a four track EP, was titled ‘Misunderstood’.

Afterwards the band signed a deal with A&M records. Their 1984 debut album ‘Stand Back’ was a national success, providing the top 40 hit ‘Meet Me In The Middle’. In the same year they toured with Chris de Burgh. Upon returning back, they worked on their second album ‘The Lines Are Open’ which was released in 1985, produced by David Tyson and mixed by Bob Rock. The singles ‘Heart Of The City’, ‘Talk Talk’ and ‘Chains’ received reasonable airplay in Canada, but pressures from label and management for a breakout hit were causing trouble within the band. After a cross-Canada tour, the group quit at the end of 1986.

In 1995, a CD-Compilation ‘Talk Talk – The Best Of The Arrows’ was released through the German independent label ‘Long Island’ and contained the majority of tracks from their first two albums. So far this has been the only release of Arrows material on CD, apart from the European release ‘The Lines Are Open’.

In 2011, the German label ‘YESTERROCK’ released Arrows’ debut album ‘Stand Back’ for the first time on CD. ‘The Lines Are Open” is now re-released through ‘TMC’ in cooperation with ROCK DISTRIBUTION TORONTO and ‘YESTERROCK’.

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