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DAVE EVANS/ NITZINGER – „Revenge“ – German Press Release

Liebe Hard- und Bluesrocker,

mit DAVE EVANS/ JOHN NITZINGER haben sich ein ehemaliger AC/DC-Sänger und eine texanische Gitarren-Bluesrock-Legende zusammengetan und veröffentlichen am 25.04.2013 ihr erstes gemeinsames Album über das französische Label Bad Reputation. Die CD trägt den Namen „Revenge“.

Wie für alle Themen dieses Labels sind wir für die Pressearbeit in Deutschland und Österreich zuständig und bemustern in limitierter Stückzahl mit Promo-Cardsleeve-CDs. Bei Interesse an diesem Album bitte anfragen!


Band: Dave Evans/ Nitzinger

Album: Revenge

VÖ: 25.04.2013

Label/ Vertrieb: Bad Reputation/ Bertus

PR in D & A:


This unique collaboration between two legends of Australian hard rock and Texas rock/blues has produced a blend of powerful riffs, chords, lyrics, melodies and vocals which capture and ignite the excitement and emotion of each song. This diverse album has been described as „AC/DC meets Alice Cooper deep in the Heart of Texas and so much more“. Dave and John were introduced by a mutual friend in Ft Worth, Texas while Dave was on tour and the two became instant friends. After listening to and appreciating each other’s music and styles John asked if Dave would like to record an album with him of songs that he had written. Dave felt honored and readily agreed to this exciting and challenging project and now here it is – one truly epic rock album like no other the world has ever seen, heard or felt.

Dave Evans began his recording career with AC/DC as one of the five founding members and sang on the very first recordings including the hit single CAN I SIT NEXT TO YOU, GIRL? which was named as Australian single of the year. He performed at every major venue in Australia with AC/DC including the famous Sydney Opera House before splitting with the band.

Dave continued on with the same hard driving rock sound that is Aussie Rock with RABBIT which produced two albums, the TOO MUCH ROCK N ROLL album being released throughout Europe and Japan. After RABBIT Dave released the DAVE EVANS and THUNDER DOWN UNDER album which boasted the cream of Australia’s musicians before beginning his solo career releasing two world acclaimed albums, SINNER and JUDGEMENT DAY. SOLD MY SOUL TO ROCK N ROLL from the SINNER album was nominated as best Rock Song at the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards. Dave has toured across Europe to rave reviews and has recently made Dallas, Texas his home base.

John Nitzinger, a Texas legend & worldwide force behind rock & roll since the ‘70’s contributed to the signature sound of “Texas Rock and Blues”. Nitzinger is one of the first inducted into Buddy Magazine’s Texas Tornado’s Hall of Fame in ’78, “as a Texas Tornado of Guitar, one of the best musicians in Texas, perhaps in the world.”

Writing with Bloodrock he was awarded Gold Album from Capitol Records for “Bloodrock 2”. He signed to Capitol as solo artist to release “Nitzinger” and “Nitzinger One Foot In History” with the classic “Louisiana Cockfight”.

In ‘76, he signed with 20th Century Fox to produce “Live Better Electrically”. This album reached the charts with two hit singles, “Are You With Me” and “Yellow Dog”.

In ‘80, as major songwriter & guitarist, he joined Carl Palmer to form 1PM, John as a major songwriter & guitarist. “Dynamite”, increased John’s popularity overseas.

In ‘82, John joined Alice Cooper on “Special Forces” international and USA tours as guitarist. John wrote, with Alice Cooper, “Zipper Catches Skin”, released on Warner Bros.

John returns to Europe regularly for the Sweden Rock Festival, European television, radio and exclusive club dates.

In ’08, John was awarded Fort Worth Weekly’s Hall Of Fame music award.


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