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TRUCKER DIABLO & DESTROY SHE SAID – German press release

Liebe Medienpartner,

unten findet ihr die wichtigsten Informationen zu den beiden Mai-Veröffentlichungen des französischen Labels Bad Reputation:

Trucker Diablo – Songs Of Iron (VÖ: 15.05.2013)

Destroy She Said – Down To Dirty (VÖ: 25.05.2013)

Wir sind zuständig für die Promo für beide Themen in Deutschland und Österreich und bemustern ab morgen mit Promo-CDs.

Hier kommen vorab als Teaser Links zu den aktuellen Videoclips beider Bands bei Youtube:

Trucker Diablo „Drive“:

Destroy She Said “Game Over”:

Release: Trucker Diablo – Songs Of Iron

Label/ Vertrieb: Bad Reputation/ Bertus

VÖ: 15.05.2013


…And the Big Truck keeps on rolling. As their catchphrase states, the Big Truck certainly does keep on rolling. Trucker Diablo are a band that have gone from strength to strength, through hard work and dedication to their craft. The band was born in 2008 and quickly gained a name for themselves picking up endorsements along the way from their peers such as Ricky Warwick, Ginger Wildheart, Joe Elliot, Damon Johnson and Cormac Neeson.  2011 saw the band hand picked by festival promoters to appear at Download Festival and supporting Black Stone Cherry on the Irish leg of their UK tour. Leading right into 2012 the band had their single “Drink Beer, Destroy” feature on Kerrang TV, MTV Australia and Xbox game Rock Band 3.

Following on the boys took 2012 by the throat and played a massive 40 shows, which included some key highlights. Playing Hammerfest with Anthrax, supporting Foo Fighters at Tennents Vital, supporting Terrorvision on their UK tour, rocking crowds on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell festival and topping it off by supporting Thin Lizzy in Belfast.

What does 2013 have in store for the Trucker boys? After the success of their debut album “ The Devil Rhythm”, the band will start 2013 with the release of the highly anticipated second album “Songs of Iron”, which be released officially in May of 2013. There’s a big open road in front of Trucker Diablo, jump on board, be a part of the convoy and catch the Big Truck on tour in the U.S, Europe and U.K in 2013.

Release: Destroy She Said – Down To Dirty

Label/ Vertrieb: Bad Reputation/ Bertus

VÖ: 25.05.2013


Destroy She Said, the hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia are a grinding, incessant machine fuelled by a heady diet of classic Aussie rock and filtered through a range of influences including Black Sabbath, QOTSA, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. Their debut album Down to Dirty rolls right up to the listener, ready to pick a fight and buy you a beer after it’s over. It’s all swagger and dirty boogie: guitar-driven, dangerous, street-smart music that’s tough, brutal and honest.

The five members of the band, singer Simon McCullough, guitarists Youngy and Dave Walker, bass player Scampers and drummer Greg Aldridge all came together towards the end of 2009. From the first rehearsal there was a feeling that they were building something special. From that moment, the band put into place the work ethic that continues to drive them into 2013.

It’s a tried and true formula – work hard in rehearsal, make great records and build a fanbase on the back of killer live shows. According to the band, the reason it’s tried and true is because it still remains the best way to become a great rock band.

And if you listen to the critics, Destroy She Said’s Down to Dirty has thrust them, if not into the echelon of greatness, then definitely within its city limits.

Melbourne’s Hard Rock Show, broadcast weekly on Channel 31 described the album as “…one of the loudest, most balls out rock releases of the last decade.” They reckon that “Down to Dirty is a modern pub rock masterpiece.”

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