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DIRT RIVER RADIO – Rock N Roll Is My Girlfriend (German Press Release)

Liebe Rocker,

das französische Label Bad Reputation veröffentlicht am 14.06. das neue Album der australischen Rockband DIRT RIVER RADIO „Rock N Roll Is My Girlfriend“.

In den Song „The Big One“ kann über folgenden Link bei Youtube reingehört werden:

Die Bemusterung mit Promo-CDs beginnt Ende dieser Woche. Vorbestellungen für das Album dieser außergewöhnlichen Band nehmen wir gerne entgegen!


Album: Dirt River Radio – Rock N Roll Is My Girlfriend

Label/Vertrieb: Bad Reputation/Bertus

VÖ: 14.06.2013

PR in D & A:


Dirt River Radio are back with another slice of blistering pub rock. The release of the latest album, Rock ‘n’Roll is my Girlfriend, a good old-fashioned Aussie rock romp recorded, like all of the band’s previous efforts, with renowned producer Matt Voigt (Paul Kelly, Midnight Oil, Dirty Three). “Heath (guitar/vocals) and I have made about three or four records over the years with different bands and strangely enough we’ve only ever worked with Matt,” Raunjak explains. “We met him when we were a bit younger, maybe ten years ago, and just went into Sing Sing not realising how much money we were in for. We were on the dole at the time, had no money and some pretty grand plans. It was a bit dumb but looking back on it now we got a great record and once you’ve recorded in a room like Sing Sing you can’t really go anywhere else. It’s just a magic place.”

When the time came to mixing Rock And Roll Is My Girlfriend, Dirt River Radio had some similarly grand ambitions. Initially working with Grammy-winning New York mixer Kevin Beamish, the boys had a last-minute change of heart, preferring to stay closer to home. “We spoke to Kevin in Nashville about mixing the record and he demoed a song for us which actually sounded great.“But then we started talking to Matt about getting that real Exile On Main Street vibe to the whole thing and it was just absolutely perfect. We were a bit nervous about sending the tracks overseas and doing everything via the internet, and when we got the mix from Matt it was just banging.”

Moving into the visual side of things for the first time with this record, the lads have also enlisted the help of filmmaking collective SteepleJack Creative to create their very own rockumentary, titled Too Hot Days, Too Hot Nights.

Taking these riffs into the pubs of the world has never been a tough process for a band like Dirt River Radio. Known as a classic “balls to the wall” live band, they make sure to keep up with their audience whenever they hit the stage. “We used to do this thing where if someone wanted to request a song, they’d have to buy the band a shot of tequila each. It got a bit crazy though and by the end of the show we’d done eight or nine shots of tequila each and we were just falling over. It’s not always a drunken debauchery but it helps.”

Rock’n’roll, roots, blues and alt country five-piece, Dirt River Radio delivers great songs such as Blackhearted (Gin Drinking and Blue) with its haunting vocals, New York City and its driving drum beat, the excellent version of Hard Road by Australian music legends Harry Vanda and George Young (Stevie Wright and Rod Stewart have also recorded it), the superb English Skies, a beautifully crafted airport departure lounge farewell and Tonight, a song filled with wrenching lyrics.

Tracklist: 1. Blackhearted (Gin Drinking and Blue) 2.  New York City 3. Hard Road 4. The Big One  5. Antique Store Girl 6. England Skies 7. Tonight 8.  Fuck You-I Miss You 9.All the good Girls … 10 Broken English Baby


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