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Dear press & radio,

below you find the key information for AVENUE OF ALLIES‘ September 20th release THE THEANDER EXPRESSION – „Strange Nostalgia“.

We’re in charge for this release world-wide and will start the PR for this fine AOR/ Westcoast album during this week.


Band: The Theander Expression

Release: Strange Nostalgia

Label: Avenue Of Allies

Out: Sept 20th, 2013



Music was Andrée Theander’s constant companion since the age of ten when he first picked up a guitar. Soon after he also started writing music, took guitar lessons and joined the music program at the high school in his hometown Härnösand in Sweden. Later his musical studies led Andrée to the university in Piteå, Sweden, where he took classes to become a professional studio musician. To enhance his musical abilities he spent several months in the USA where he attended various courses at the Musicians Institute (GIT) in Los Angeles. During his stay in California Andrée met Fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber who invited him to lay down some guitar tracks for his “Galaxy” album (2012). Quite an honour for a young virtually unknown music student to be included in the album credits next to L.A. session cats like Michael Thompson, Vinnie Colaiuta or Jimmy Haslip.

Back in Sweden Andrée felt he was ready to make his dream come true and to start working on his own album. Andrée recruted a great line-up of Rock musicians from Sweden, he either knew personally or who had impressed him with their previous work. Over the course of the months the recording debut of “THE THEANDER EXPRESSION” began to take shape with Göran Edman (Street Talk, Glory, Y. Malmsteen), and the very promising newcomer Christian Hedgren sharing the lead vocals, Herman Furin (Work Of Art, Fergie Frederiksen) on drums, Linus Abrahamson on bass and Michael Ottosson on keyboards.

The result of the recording sessions, which were completed by the mix of Per Ryberg (Street Talk, Sven Larsson, Bloodbound) and the mastering of Sören von Malmborg (Dan Reed, The Rasmus) is nothing but spectacular, proving that Andrée Theander is a very talented songwriter and a strikingly skilled guitar player, who knows how to leave a lasting impression by combining his technical skills with a lot of feeling and an unmistakable sense for catchy melodies. Together with his band he delivers a pure AOR album, spiced up with energetic licks and furious solos and occasionally leaning towards the more powerful side of 80s Westcoast, all in all tailor-made for everyone who is into the high class AOR sounds of bands like Street Talk, Toto, Work Of Art, Mecca and Lionville.





Andrée Theander – Guitars and backing vocals


Christian Hedgren – Lead vocals on tracks 1-3 and 7-9

Göran Edman – Lead and backing vocals on tracks 4-6 and 10, backing vocals on tracks 3, 7 and 9


Michael Ottosson – Keyboards

Linus Abrahamson – Bass

Herman Furin – Drums and percussion


Peter Gardemar – Violin and viola on track 9

Ylva Nilsson – Cello on track 9

Philip Magnusson – Backing vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, and 7

Elin Åkesson – Backing vocals on tracks 6 and 10


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