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StoneLake to release single „Deliverance“ via iTunes on December 13th, 2013!

New PR title: StoneLake – „Deliverance“ (download single), UMP/ itunes (Progressive Metal), PR through us for radio & club in Europe:

Swedish Prog and Power Metal band StoneLake have a new single and a new line-up, they love you and want you to hold on. You are not alone!


But first, listen to Deliverance by StoneLake! Available for high quality digital download December 13 2013 through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Metal fan-sites worldwide and Facebook, the soaring power-ballad Deliverance is the band’s first release following this year’s critically acclaimed 6th studio album Monolith and introduces a change to the StoneLake line-up, welcoming back drummer Jens Westberg to re-join founder members Peter Grundström (vocals) and Jan Åkesson (guitars and keyboards), and long time member Lasse Johansson (bass).

Deliverance was recorded at UMP Unlimited Music Production studios in Furulund, Sweden, produced, mixed and mastered by Jan Åkesson, providing StoneLake’s trademark hard hitting sound and rock solid production values, and as with Monolith, StoneLake once again brought in British writer Adam Bard to pen the lyric.

StoneLake are: Peter Grundström – Lead Vocals; Jan Åkesson – Guitars, Keyboards; Lasse Johansson – Bass; Jens Westberg – Drums

Direct link to iTunes:

Deliverance written by: J. Åkesson & A. Bard

Featuring: Mike Andersson – Backing Vocals

Produced by: Jan Åkesson for UMP Unlimited Music Production

Cover artwork: Carl André Beckston

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