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THE DEEP END – „Cop This“ – German Press Release

Liebe Rocker!

Hard Rock aus Australien? Da werden immer gleich Assoziationen wach; und bei THE DEEP END liegen wir auch gleich richtig. Die großen AC/DC standen mal wieder Pate für eine jüngere Band des gleichen Genres. Ihr Debütalbum „Cop This“ erschien Anfang dieses Jahres nur in ihrer australischen Heimat und gelangt über das französische Label Bad Reputation nun ab 13.12.2013 auch nach Europa.

Wir betreuen für diese CD die Presse & Radio (alle Bereiche) in Deutschland und Österreich, haben aber nur eine limitierte Anzahl an Promos zur Verfügung. Bei Interesse dieses Thema bitte anfragen!

Band: The Deep End

Release: Cop This

VÖ: 13.12.2013

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo


The Deep End kick off with a sound that smells of spilled beer and feels like sticky pub carpets. Think Rose Tattoo, early AC/DC and early Angels. Sonically Cop This is definitely an album that invites being played loud, preferably in a car, preferably at the start of a bloody Friday night.

Well renowned for delivering a blistering live show, The Deep End is a five-speed powerhouse Australian pub rock n’ roll band.

The Deep End begun as an idea over beers in a suburban Melbourne garage and quickly developed from after school jams engaging locals with AC/DC covers to writing and performing formidable rock songs of their own, “delivering boisterous anthems and fistfuls of riffs” (Heavy Mag).

Since their inception, The Deep End have continued to build their loyal fan base thanks to their ‘play every show like it’s your last’ attitude, solidified by headlining festivals, sold out shows headlining shows and sharing the stage with rock giants such as Airbourne, The Angels/Angel City, Rose Tattoo, Screaming Jets, Hoodoo Gurus, The Datsuns, Bam Margera’s F**kface Unstoppable and more.

The Deep End gained commercial radio exposure in Australia in a bid to support Bon Jovi, amounting to further interest from local rock fans that thickened their ranks. Their growing profile has allowed them to self release and sell out 3 independent EP’s since forming in 2007, a feat hard to match by many other independent Aussie acts.

After selling out their first 3 EP’s, The Deep End released their long awaited debut full length album ‚Cop This‘ on 22nd February 2013, which captured the bands raw energy and passion for keeping rock n‘ roll alive. With album pre-orders hitting almost 300 units worldwide, the band followed up on the launch with a 23 show ‘no holds barred’ tour of Australia and New Zealand. As such an achievement for an independent band, both punters and media took notice, proven by more sell out shows and rotation on Australian, New Zealand, North American and European rock stations.

Recently eclipsing 1000 self released, independent album sales worldwide and with their sights set firmly on taking their high octane show abroad, never has there been a better time to get behind the most exciting, hard working young rock n‘ roll band from Australia.


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