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SUNS OF STONE – s/t (German Press Release)

Liebe Classic Rocker,

weiter unten findet Ihr die Informationen für die nächste Veröffentlichung des französischen Labels Bad Reputation: SUNS OF STONE –  s/t (EVT: 24.01.2014).

Wir erwarten in den nächsten Tagen in limitierter Anzahl Promo-CDs für dieses Thema und nehmen Anfragen gerne entgegen.


Band: Suns Of Stone – s/t

VÖ: 24.01.2014

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo


Blues inspired guitar riffs, powerful vocals and a heavy rhythm. Rock n’ roll with a modern sound and throwback edge. Influenced by the rock giants of the 70’s and groove rock from the new generation. Compared to bands such as: Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Crowes, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and Rival Sons.

Music has always been a subject of inspiration, the outlet for our sometimes suppressed creativity. Some have studied from as young as the age of three, while others have yearned for something they didn’t know was music. Alan and Jimmy attended high school together; Jimmy and Alex grew up in the same neighbourhood. Not unlike most bands, this was not their first outfit. Jimmy and Alex had formed a band prior to Suns of Stone, but realized they didn’t have a singer. In walks Alan. Upon his first audition, he chose to sing “Space Trucking” by Deep Purple. He stopped the band in their tracks. It was then they knew they had something. As most young bands do, they gradually fell apart over the years, but as time passed, there was a noticeable angst for music newfound among them. Jimmy, putting together a catalogue of music, decided to form a new band and recruited Alan and Alex. The band quickly began working on material and later found bassist Andrew to complete the lineup.

Starting off playing small bars in Ottawa in early 2012, the band quickly expanded to nearby cities and larger venues. Jimmy went to college at a recording studio and upon graduation was hired on part time. The band recorded their first EP by themselves and financed it completely independently. With great reaction they buckled down and recorded their first full length album over the second half of 2012. The album was recorded in Ottawa at Audio Valley Studios and was produced by both Steve Foley and Jimmy King. Suns of Stone’s self-titled album captures the band in their essence, bringing both their hard rocking sound and southern/blues influences together.

Biding their time playing shows out of town and scraping together all the money they could; they got an opportunity in early 2013 to open for UK band The Zombies at the Sound Academy in Toronto. Suns of Stone delivered an outstanding performance, garnering the attention and admiration from the audience. Later that summer the band opened for emerging Canadian blues-rock act Head of the Herd in Ottawa following the release of their new album.

Suns of Stone look forward to a bright future and career touring and recording in the music scene. True to their attitude, they will remain the same guys they’ve always been. Down-to-earth rock n’ rollers that can’t wait to get on stage every opportunity they get. They are a bunch of hard working guys with full time jobs and bills to pay. They’ll see you soon world. REAL soon.

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