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JULIAN ANGEL’S BEAUTIFUL BEAST „Kick Down The Barricades“ available for PR now!

Dear rock fans,

we’re ready to kick off the PR for the new album from JULIAN ANGEL’S BEAUTIFUL BEAST „Kick Down The Barricades“ which will be released on January 24th, 2014 on the Platinum Blonde label.

Please find the key information about this record below and send us your requests!

Album: Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast – Kick Down The Barricades

Out: January 24th, 2014

Label: Platinum Blonde

Style: Hair Metal/ Hard Rock



Once again Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast has taken a ride on the time machine back to 1989. Their third album ‘Kick Down The Barricades’ sounds as old fashioned as any hair metal fan would expect it to be. Just the way they did on predecessors ‘Adult Oriented Candy’ (2011) and ‘California Suntan’ (2012) Beautiful Beast have refused to add any modern elements to their songs and thereby manifest their reputation of being Hair Metal traditionalists – or retards as other people may have it.

‘Kick Down The Barricades’ sounds rawer and edgier than the band’s previous records and left room for spontaneity and improvisation even in an all so sterile studio environment. The album was recorded at Julian Angel’s studio The Vegas Room and mastered by Rolf Munkes (Tony Martin Band, Empire, Razorback) at Empire Studios, Germany.

Two months prior to the official album release Beautiful Beast have published the music video for the album’s opening track ‘Bad Boys Never Dance’ for which they could win legendary glam journalist Kelv Hellrazer to starr as the VJ.

The sound, the style, the same old stories – you have heard it all before and you will hear it again. Julian Angel and Beautiful Beast don’t reinvent the wheel. They simply keep it turning when others have run out of gasoline.

Beautiful Beast mastermind Julian Angel is a German rock musician with, by now, five albums to his record as well as a German Rock Award nomination for ‘Best Guitarist’ in 2000. Julian has scored a #8 chart album in Austria as songwriter for rockabilly group The Monroes in 2013. He is also the sole producer of MusicBiz Madness, a music business conference for unsigned musicians, which regularly features renowned keynote speakers from the German music industry.

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