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PAVIC release new video clip for the song „Is War The Answer?“!

Italian Rock band PAVIC is supporting their new album “Is War The Answer!?” (Out: January 24th, 2014 on Anteo Records/NVM) with a second video, this time for the title track of the coming album. The clip can be found on Youtube under this URL:

We are still taking requests from press & radio for this release!


Here comes a short information from the band about this video:

„Every good change starts from a question and for what we think, war is never the right answer. There’s no winner when someone dies. Nothing of good comes from destruction and suffering. This song is trying to be something like a wake-up call, a food for thought about the fact that violence is never a valid answer to our problems. Maybe we all should find a new way of thinking. Don’t you all think that it would be great to change, to grow, to evolve in something better, something new? A brave new world where we could live unscared or even better, unscarred?

We found a perfect location to shoot this video in a wonderful park near Rome, in Anguillara Sabazia (a few steps away from Bracciano’s lake).

The idea was to have two opposite factions ready to fight each other but we had some problems with the organization of the shooting. Just the day before, we still were without any army to use and that was a BIG problem. Thanks god at the last moment we found the contact of the Chimera Softair Team and let me tell ya, if you see them you will never realize that they aren’t a real army. They are stunning and amazingly realistic. So with all the trouble solved, we were finally ready to start.

The shooting took a couple of days and we all really had good moments together. We spent a long time with Chimera’s Army and we had a lot of funny moments with them especially because they were doing a music video for the first time. Was funny to see them staring at us during our playback, like if we were strange creatures coming from another world 🙂 But we suppose it’s normal when you haven’t seen something like that before. They were really great people and fundamental to helping us doing a good job. Now we really can’t wait to share this video to the world and we really hope you’ll like it.”

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