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MOONBAND – „Atlantis“ / Press Release

Dear media partners,

below you find the key information about the new album „Atlantis“ by one of Germany’s leading Americana/ Folk/ Country/ Rock bands: MOONBAND.

“Atlantis” is the third studio album by this Munich based group. The PR link is in German language but also includes a stream where you can listen to music from the record in advance (please keep this PR link internal and do not post it to your readers:

Please get in touch with us if you would like to obtain a promo copy of the digi pack from us!

Product: Moonband – Atlantis

Release date: March 21st, 2014

Label: Rockville Music

Distributor: Soulfood

PR Europe:

PR Germany: Print & Online // Radio: Die4ma


In August 2010 THE MOONBAND’s debut album OPEN SPACE was released. One of the biggest German newspapers (Sueddeutsche Zeitung) described it as „extraordinary smart Country & Folk with an enormous catchy, variable, and steady growing spectrum“. Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR), a big countrywide public service broadcaster, choose it album of the week („wonderful folk“) and included tracks in their rotation lists. And THE MOONBAND was even noticed outside Germany: „An interesting and engaging debut that deserves notice.“ (

The insider tip became an unexpected success.

On their second album DENAVIGATION (released 8/2011) THE MOONBAND sharpened their unique style. SZ commended „they emancipated themselves from the great heroes of the Neo-Americana movement. Nevertheless it can happen that one asks if it’s Bob Dylan, when this album by the fantastic Moonband is on.“

On March 21st 2014, THE MOONBAND’s third album ATLANTIS will be released. ATLANTIS was recorded live in an old, secluded house in the Bavarian Forest. ATLANTIS catches THE MOONBAND genuinely, just like being in the same room with the band.

On ATLANTIS the band brings into question what you may call folk music, while at the same time upholding their own story as a steady advancement: New facets, new instruments and surprising twists make THE MOONBAND louder and more urgent.

Nevertheless the band’s proven trademarks remain: Vocal harmonies, affectionate arrangements, beautiful melodies. Or like a reviewer once wrote: „Music to dwell.“

Press quotes:

„Wonderfol folk, independent from times and places. Like the sound of their brothers-in-mind, the Americana heroes Calexico, The Moonband follows the American folk tradition, without being frumpy at all.“  (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

„The 5 musicians play extraordinary smart folk. The spectrum of their betimes melancholic music is enourmous variable, catchy and steady growing.“ (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

 „The Moonband once again proves, that superb Country-Folk does not necessariely have to come from USA. The Bavarians don’t have to hide behind their mates from overseas. This CD is simply perfect!“ (Das Musikmagazin)

Promo link incl. songs, infos, trailer, pictures:


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