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New video clip from PAVIC for the song „In Your Eyes“ released today!

Italian rock band PAVIC is releasing their new video clip for the song “In Your Eyes” today which is taken from their recent album “Is War The Answer?” (Anteo/NVM).

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Here comes some background information on this clip from the band:


„In your eyes“ means that you have to find your truth, your way and your answers inside yourself. There’s no other better than yourself to find all the answers to your questions.  For this video (the third taken from Is War The Answer?) we wanted to take a different approach and use an abstract story to tell the idea behind the song. Our video maker Alessandro Russotto suggested to contact Roberto Recchioni, writer for the horror comics series Dylan Dog, to write the story for the video. Roberto is a big fan of heavy rock music and horror movies. He liked our song and so he decided to combine the two and instantly we had the perfect concept for the video.
It took some research before we found the right place to shoot the video. Alessandro was looking for a car dismantling area for a more horror movie-like location.  We found the right place at the suburbs of Rome. The owner of the area was more than excited to have the video shooting at his place.
The video was shot on a sunny but cold day in January. The weather was a big question mark, as we were afraid of possible rain. Fortunately everything went smoothly that day and we had a lot of fun with all the makeup and preparation needed to create zombies!
The message behind the story (even if it’s made in a very abstract and dark way) is that you have to look inside yourself to see in a different way the things that surrounds you, even if you can’t understand that. If you could change your mindset, your point of view, you could see everything in a different way and maybe you would understand that the truth is always in your eyes. So, all the meaning is that you should leave all your fear behind to take a step inside yourself. You would learn to take possess of your life.

We still have some promo CD’s of this release available.

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