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THE RANDOM RIOTS veröffentlichen „Vintage Violence“ am 02.06.2014!

Liebe Rocker,

das französische Label BAD REPUTATION veröffentlicht am 02.06.2014 das neue Album „Vintage Violence“ der schwedischen Rocker THE RANDOM RIOTS.

Wie immer bei Produkten dieser Plattenfirma sind wir zuständig für Deutschland und Österreich (alle Bereiche) und bemustern mit Promo-Cardsleeve-CDs in stark limitierter Stückzahl. Anfragen nehmen wir gerne entgegen!

Band: The Random Riots

Produkt: Vintage Violence

VÖ: 02.06.2014

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo

PR über uns in: D & AT


 vintage violence

The band formed in 2004 by Rev. Nick and Mr. G during a somewhat alcohol-inflicted night in Kristanstad, Sweden. Originally the band’s name was supposed to be The Homer Explosion, but was quickly changed to The Random Riots when sobriety struck the day after. Their vision is to play old fashioned rock n roll with rhythm in focus, and does a hell of a job doing it.

Its members have great experience in the live scene as they are or have been active in other bands such as On The Job (US and European tour), Portrait (European tour) and Care of Night.

T.R.R. have taken the audience by storm both as a stand-alone act and on joint venues with other bands such as The Scams, Bullet, ’77 and Overdrive.

In 2013 they entered the studio in order to record a full length album, which you all can enjoy now thanks to the collaboration with Bad Reputation Records!


The Random Riots consist of:

Rev. Nick Riot – Vocals and guitars

Mr. G Riot – Backing vocals and guitars

Dr. Danny Riot – Bass

Sir Max Riot – Drums n cymbals

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