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dEMOTIONAL to release new single & video clip for „Illusions“ tomorrow!

dEMOTIONAL to release new single & video clip for „Illusions“ tomorrow!

On May 9th,  dEMOTIONAL release their new video and digital single: „Illusions“ via Dead End Exit Records tomorrow!



„Illusions“ picks up where the band’s debut album from 2013 „State: In Denial“ ended, and with the new production, signed Pontus Hjelm (Dead By April) at Studio PH Sweden, dEMOTIONAL takes a giant step forward in their musical delivery. The video is, as always with dEMOTIONAL, directed by Kiggs!

With one foot in Gothenburg and the other in Växjö the band stands firmly in the Swedish music landscape and continues to serve dressed melodic metal with both harmonic growl and aggressive clean vocals. dEMOTIONAL thrives best on stage and it promised more exciting news in the spring, including rumors about European tour this fall.

The video clip will be available at this link from Friday, May 9th at 18.00 CET:

We are in charge for the radio PR for „Illusions“ outside of Scandinavia and already have submitted this digital release to all radios in our territory for airplay via Haulix. Please contact us if interested in receiving this single!


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