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AMERICAN DOG – „Neanderthal“ erscheint am 19.07.2014 über BAD REPUTATION!

Liebe Medienpartner,

nach einer kleinen Sommerpause erreichen uns diese Tage gleich zahlreiche neue Veröffentlichungen. Das nächste Thema steht bereits in den Startlöchern: die amerikanischen Rock N‘ Roller von AMERICAN DOG veröffentlichen über das Label Bad Reputation bereits am 19.07.2014 ihr insgesamt siebtes Album „Neanderthal“.

Wir bemustern hier ausschließlich physisch mit Promo-Cardsleeve-CDs und beginnen mit dem Aussand am Montag. Das Kontingent ist stark begrenzt – bitte bei Interesse rechtzeitig anfragen, da wir davon ausgehen, dass die Promos für dieses Thema bereits  Mitte/Ende kommender Woche vergriffen sein werden!

Zuständig sind wir für: Deutschland & Österreich (alle PR-Bereiche).

Band: American Dog

Album: Neanderthal

Out: 19.07.2014

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo

PR (D & A):




After 6 albums, Last Of Dying Breed, Red, White, Black and Blue, Scars‘ N‘ Bars, Hard, Mean, Poison Smile and three live albums (If You Want Bud, Foamin ‚ at the mouth, Hard On The Road CD + DVD) plus Six Pack, an EP of 6 titles celebrating the benefactions of the alcohol and the casualness, American Dog returns to us in a primitive way.  Just check the cover artwork painted by the late, great fantasy and science fiction artist, Frank Frazetta! You rock dogs know Frazetta’s work from classic album covers for Molly Hatchet, Nazareth, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Wolfmother! Their rock ’n‘ roll is raw, furious and primitive. Néanderthalien is there!

Steve Theado, his guitarist (the man knocked down by a little charitable motorist who left for dead himon the side of the road with two broken legs, a broken pond and an exploded kidney, it is necessary to remind) it) and Michael Hannon are two specimens which no war of the fire knew how to switch off. And surprise, their clan grew rich of the fourth big dog: the guitarist John Salvatore. What leaves to Steve Theado the care of going to go hunting on unexplored lands. Michael Harris, one of these wandering hyénidés, came to complete the line-up after Keith Pickens escapes from the savanna of Ohio. 4 of the Apocalypse push the bludgeon of the rock with the from now on legendary ‚ Certified ass-kicking 100 % Rock ’n‘ roll ‚ for our biggest happiness. Neanderthal is the powerful work of four dogs fighting for their survival while going to conquer other. Then yes they are ugly, unpolished and held even maybe, but let us not forget that they possess a big cultural wealth (from Alice Cooper to Ted Nugent via (including) Motörhead and Blue Oyster Cult) and a staunch robustness.

It has been 14 years since American Dog adapted himself in the middle hostile of the rock and they are still far from the extinction. Especially when it is Doug Goldstein, the ex-manager of Guns’N’ Roses (between 1991 and 2008), who put them under his protection

American Dog Discography:

2000 Last of a Dying Breed, 2001 Six Pack, 2003 Red, White, Black and Blue, 2005 Scars-n-Bars, 2005 Foamin‘ at the Mouth, 2006 If You Want Bud, 2007 Hard, 2008 Hard On The Road, 2010 Mean, 2012 Poison Smile


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