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DECEPTIC – „The Artifact“ – available via Dead End Exit Records from Aug. 29th, 2014!

Dear press & radio,

below you find the key information about our next PR release – available August 29th, 2014 from Swedish label DEAD END EXIT Records: DECEPTIC – The Artifact.

Please, send us your requests for this band!

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Band: Deceptic

Product: The Artifact

Release date: August 29th, 2014

Label: Dead End Exit Records

Style: Modern Metal



The story of Deceptic began in the early and cold coast of Gothenburg the year of 2011, with members consisting Tony Gullquist (Guitar), Dennis Svensson (Drums), and William Gustafsson (Vocals).
With a like-minded goal, they all strived to write something new and unheard, something that sure would make your heart pause for a second and rewind itself, just to experience that golden moment once again.
And as a result of a tremendous chemistry and a vast selection of influences, it all became a reality when John Wennergren (Guitar) and Tobias Westling (Bass) joined the band, to be a part of the release of their first self-titled EP that became available in Decemeber of 2011!

From thin dust, the band Deceptic practically exploded just after a few live shows here and there around Sweden.
So they started to write the material for a full length album to reach even greater heights. Unfortunately under this period of time, both John and Tobias left the band under different circumstances, Deceptic were forced to delay the whole writing process just to find two new members that had the same time and energy.
And, after some scavenging in and around Gothenburg, they found José Pascual (Guitar) and Richard Martos (Bass), who came from a Rock/Metal band called Urbandux, and the music video company 11Frames.
Not long after, they got the chance to play at the biggest Metal festival in Sweden, Metaltown.
From that moment, they realized that Deceptic could be so much more than just a hobby, so they took a vow to each other, to start a real career from it, to aim for the stars to live by and with music as an everyday job.

But, as everything else in life, dreams and priorities change for some people, so José and Richard was forced to leave since they didn’t have the time Deceptic needed to grow and reach out even more than they already did.
So therefore Tony, Dennis and William decided to continue as a trio until the album was done. As they didn’t want to rush through it, they did spend a lot of time writing in the studio, and after a time long and hard they started to see the light in the tunnel as they finished the recordings and called Tue Madsen From Ant Farm Studios (famous for working with bands like The Haunted, Dir En Grey, Mnemic, Dark Tranquility etc.) to mix and master the masterpiece given the name „The Artifact“.

So now the only thing they had to do was to fill the two empty seats, to become a five-piece once again. Having the privilege to know a lot of good musicians through the whole Gothenburg scene, they got in touch Otto Halling (Bass) and Martin Calenfors (Guitar). After a few weeks of getting to know each other it felt like the perfect match, since they shared the same passion, dream, and not to forget the genuine skill and energy on stage!

NOW, with a complete setup and final Master of the album „The Artifact“, it didn’t take long until they signed their first record deal, with no other than Dead End Exit / Roasting House Records, and BMG as a publisher.

THE ARTIFACT will be released in the summer of 2014, with a single and a music video as an opener, to be followed up with a tour around Europe!

THIS, is where the real journey of Deceptic begins!

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