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DECEPTIC – “Ocean” – official music video available now!

Spanning 3 minutes and 36 seconds DECEPTIC’s video „Ocean“ gives you a perfect insight about the main theme of DECEPTIC’s debut album „The Artifact“ which will be released on Dead End Exit Records on Friday next week. This amazing video signed French director Igor Omodei tells the story about standing at life’s inevitable crossroads, filled with anxiety and hesitation, not knowing if you will be able to make the choice of your life to fulfill your dreams. Should you take the leap of faith, or should you just fly by and get the easy ticket to become another brick in the wall, the average Joe?


„The Artifact“ on the album cover and the statue in the video is shown as a Manta ray, which is supposed to be feared and avoided at any circumstances. This mammal is known to travel from time to time in ridiculously huge flocks, and no one seems to know the exact reason why. The only way to not end up as a copy of “everyone else” is to follow your heart and fulfill your dreams!

The video is made entirely with 3D effects, and set out in a stormy, windy weather, and Igor realized the story and the band’s intention with the song perfectly.

Youtube link:


The band online:

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