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dEMOTIONAL – “Tarassis” will be released on Nov. 28th, 2014 on Dead End Exit Records!

dEMOTIONAL – “Tarassis” will be released on Nov. 28th, 2014 on Dead End Exit Records!

Swedish uprising Modern Metal band dEMOTIONAL are releasing their second album “Tarassis” via Dead End Exit Records on November 28th, 2014!

We’re in charge for the PR of this release world-wide and will have download links of the album available in week 39 and CD’s in week 40.



Product: Tarassis

Release date: November 28th, 2014

Label: Dead End Exit Records


Tarassis is the second album release from the Swedish melodic metal band dEMOTIONAL. Since the start of the bands journey 2009 their music have acknowledged from a broad audience and reviewers and their first album State: In Denial was actually placed at a 5th place at the Swedish national rock charts. dEMOTIONALs music has, like the band, become more mature and complex over time. Recorded at Studio PH (owned and operated by Pontus Hjelm, Dead By April) the band have experimented with their sound and gained influences from a wide range of genres that they combined with the party driven tunes and notable lyrics, that makes them what they are.

Band history:
Guitarist and songwriter, Sebastian Fjordevik, who has over the years played in several notorious metal bands, had come to terms that in the winter of 2009 a vast amount of music material had to be delivered to the world. He started with the song “When She Cries” and contacted singers Christopher Kristensen, an experienced singer from several rap/- hardcore bands, and Nils-petter Nilsson , a man rooted in the field of classic rock as well as metal. Also, experienced death metal drummer, Tommy Magnusson, was hired for the project. Christopher and Nils-Petter soon saw the potential with the music and immediately started to work with the song and became solid members of the soon to be band, dEMOTIONAL.

The song “When She Cries” was recorded as a music video by director Kristofer Carlsson and quickly became a huge success. With over 12,000 views on Youtube and over 18,000 visitors on Myspace, the band members knew they all were on their way to the top to becoming an incredible new band.

The group took the band name dEMOTIONAL and recruited a guitarist, Johan Olofsson, from Gothenburg to contribute to the groups unique music style. The band knew the importance of choosing the right band members and therefore waited patiently for more recruitments for the time being.

dEMOTIONAL was not only recognized for their music but also for their sense of fashion and style on and off stage. The audience was thrilled to see head banging rockers in suites, and not trashy jeans and tank tops like the common metal bands typically wore. This was soon recognized by the clothing producer, ICEMAN., who started to contribute to the bands style.

After performing in cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm, Växjö and Karlstad, with the help of drummer Mattias Öbom, the band decided to make another music video with Kristofer Carlsson. Felling confident, the band set the bar high and the song “Tomorrow is Today” was chosen. After the release of this second music video, the band really made a name for themselves and started to engage in medias such as Youtube, Twitter, Myspace and Facebook to interact with their growing audience.

In the summer of 2011, Elohims former drummer, Tommy Magnusson, was enlisted to the band and with recruitment of bassist, Kristoffer Lindh, the band was finally complete as a group.

dEMOTIONAL’s music began to play on Karlstad Rock radio channel and a vast amount of articles were being published in various magazines about the band. During these exciting times, dEMOTIONAL released their first EP on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon. They also started the recording of their third music video. The song “Alive” was released in July 2011 and got over 7,000 views on Youtube in only a short amount of weeks.

The 20th of September 2011, Alive was played on Swedish radio Channel Bandit Rock for the first time and with this major accomplishment, dEMOTIONAL have aimed in becoming the biggest band within the melodic metal genre and will this November perform together with Arch Enemy on one of Gothenburgs largest scenes after winning a competition held by Century Media.

We will fight ´till the last drop of tear, blood and sweat to succeed. If we can´t, no one can…

Line-up: Christopher Kristensen – Screams, Nils-Petter Nilsson – Clean Vocals, Sebastian Fjordevik – Guitars, Johan Olofsson – Guitars, Kristoffer Lindh – Bass, Tommy Magnusson – Drums



22.11. Harry B James, Stockholm
03.12. TBA (Sweden)
04.12. TBA (Sweden)
05.12. Sticky Fingers, Göteborg
06.12. Harrys, Växjö
18.12. TBA (Germany)
19.12. TBA (Germany)
20.12. TBA (Germany)
A full European tour in spring 2015 is planned.

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