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AOR Heaven Newsletter – White Widdow & Wicked Sensation

Dear media partners,

below you find the key information about AOR Heaven’s upcoming November 28th releases from WHITE WIDDOW and WICKED SENSATION.

The PR for both releases will be digital via Haulix and starts later this week. We’re in charge for Europe without the UK. Media contacts from the UK as usual should get in touch with Mike Exley/ME PR for their download.

All the best,


Release: White Widdow – Crossfire

Out: 28.11.2014

Label: AOR Heaven



Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2008 and centered around the Millis brothers Jules (Vocals) & Xavier (Keyboards) with Guitar virtuoso Enzo Almanzi. Raised on a healthy diet of 80’s Arena Rock and influenced by artists such as Survivor, Dokken, Night Ranger, White Sister & Giuffria.

In 2010 White Widdow stormed onto the Melodic Rock scene across the globe with the release of their self titled debut album, filled with swirling keyboards, blistering guitar playing and big choruses. The release of the debut was met by the press with rave reviews making it into Classic Rock Magazine’s top 10 AOR albums for 2010.  Hot on the heels of their debut, White Widdow quickly returned with their follow up release “Serenade” in September 2011. „Serenade“ was heaped with praise by the press as one of the best albums in the genre of 2011, gaining 9/10 in both Classic Rock and Powerplay magazines and receiving a 94% on the coveted website

In support of „Serenade“, White Widdow hit the road playing festivals and headlining club shows throughout Europe which saw them tour through Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece and England. Along the way performing at HEAT Festival (Germany) and Firefest (UK). This was followed in 2012 with a full tour of the UK as support band to English melodic rock band TEN.

White Widdow had initially hoped to release their third album at the end of 2013, however 2013 proved to be a difficult year for the band with original bass player Trent Wilson retiring from the music industry and the unfortunate death of drummer George Kristy. Despite these set backs, in early 2014 the Millis brothers and Almanzi regrouped with a rejuvenated new line up, featuring Ben Webster on Bass and Noel Tenny on Drums. The band set about making their third album “Crossfire“, which shows the band retaining their trademark keyboard driven Melodic Hard Rock. Showing at times a slightly more hard rock edge than on the previous albums, yet still drenched in melody and hooks. Produced & engineered by Xavier Millis and mixed once again by Pelle Saether (Grand Design), White Widdow are back with quite possibly their best album yet.

Tracklist: Tracklist: 1. Caught In The Crossfire, 2. Fly Me Away, 3. Just Another Night, 4. Below The Belt, 5. Dreams Don’t Die, 6. Too Many Tears, 7. Angel, 8. Born To Be A Rebel, 9. Carry The Heartache, 10. Never Again

Soundfiles in advance:

WHITE WIDDOW – Caught In The Crossfire (Edit)

WHITE WIDDOW – Fly Me Away (Edit)

WHITE WIDDOW – Just Another Night (Edit)


Release: Wicked Sensation – Adrenaline Rush

Out: 28.11.2014

Label: AOR Heaven


Promo trailer:


WICKED SENSATION from Karlsruhe introduce their 4th studio album „Adrenaline Rush“.

On „Adrenaline Rush“ a catchy tune follows another and it clearly shows that Michael Klein, the band’s lead guitarist and songwriter, has enormously improved his songwriting from album to album.

None other than singer David Reece (ex Accept, Bangalore Choir) supported the band and substituted for Robert Soeterboek, who unfortunately was forced to step back because of personal health reasons.

David Reece immediately turned out to be the right choice for the band and perfectly blends into the songs of Wicked Sensation. Already the opener „King of the World“ delivers superb hooks and melodies which reach their highlight in the chorus while Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) can be heard together with David Reece.

Without a break the band continues with „Same Old Situation“ hich comes as a perfect blend of Van Halen and Extreme and is full of groove. Again, Harry Hess gives his honor and can be heard in the chorus, accompanied by Eric Ragno (Graham Bonnet) on the keyboard.

With „Misery“ the album goes straight the way it started – delivering catchy tunes without a break, and Michael Klein and Sang Vong prove to be the perfect guitar duo.

Again on „Adrenaline Rush” all the typical song styles of Wicked Sensation can be found without the band moving away from their typical sound.

The title track „Adrenaline Rush“ delivers a real “Metal Firecracker”, for which the band was able to sign on Mathias Dieth (ex U.D.O. guitarist) for an outstanding guitar solo.

In addition to their fourth “long player” the band fully relied on their producer Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream69) to give „Adrenaline Rush“ the necessary pressure and punch. The last song “This Time“, an acoustic ballad, closes the curtains.

Tracklist: 1. King Of The World, 2. Same Old Situation, 3. Misery, 4. Leave Me Like A Fool, 5. Blue Painted Sky, 6. Angel In Black, 7. Living On My Madness, 8. Desperate Nation, 9. Adrenaline Rush, 10. No More Lies, 11. This Time

Soundclips in advance:

WICKED SENSATION – Angel In Black (Edit)

WICKED SENSATION – King Of The World (Edit)


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