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TODD GRIFFIN – „7 Days To The Sabbath“ erscheint am 10.02.2015 bei Bad Reputation!

Liebe Medienpartner,

das französische Label BAD REPUTATION veröffentlicht am 10. Februar eine Compilation des amerikanischen Ausnahmemusikers TODD GRIFFIN mit dem Titel „7 Days To The Sabbath“.

Einen Video-Clip für den Song „No Love In America“ findet Ihr hier:

Bitte fragt diese CD bei uns bei Interesse an – wir bekommen nur ein sehr kleines Kontingent an Promo-CDs.


Produkt: Todd Griffin – 7 Days To The Sabbath

VÖ: 10.02.2015

Label: Bad Reputation

Vertrieb: Cargo

PR über uns in: Deutschland & Österreich


Todd Griffin signed on Geffen in the 90s as vocalist within the group The Graveyard Train. With a group called NRG he performed in the Troubadour together with Guns‘ N‘ Roses and other Poison. His name circulates in the City of the Angels and Bon Jovi pays him a ticket to join him in London. On returning to the USA with 27 dollars in pocket, he joins The Graveyard Train (patronymic resulting from a title of the Creedence Clearwater Revival). He sings the first version of the That 70’ show TV serie and establishes the group Train Station with Mark Kendall ( Great White) then begins a solo career.

7 days To The Sabbath is the ideal album to tilt you on his world. This author-composer-singer and guitarist of great talent is influences by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, John Cougar Mellencamp, Tom Petty… Todd Griffin’s rock takes you in guts.

Featuring the cover Almost Cut My Hair (David Crosby) and a tribute song to Jim Morrison (Manchild).

Featuring musicians such as: Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams), Mark Kendall (Great White) , Bruce Draper (The Graveyard Train), Brian Forsythe (Kix, Rhinobucket…), Audie Desbrow (Great White), Frank Scimeca (The Graveyard Train)

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