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Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution signs THE LEATHER NUN for an April 17th, 2015 release!

The R’n’R God sent us Leather Nun and I fucking love them, says internationally acclaimed swedish video director Jonas Åkerlund (Prodigy, Madonna, Metallica, U2 m fl).

Brand new album ’Whatever’ marks the triumphant return of the swedish cultband The Leather Nun, the band that took the ferry from Gothenburg to London and changed the world.

Formed in Gothenburg in 1979 Leather Nun became cult heroes on the international rockscene. Their musical style can be defined as a mix of garage rock, gothic rock and industrial.

John Peel played their first single ”Slow Death” each night for two weeks on his BBC radio programme.

In 1983 the band was riding high on the international rockscene, with the two UK-releases: The 12” rerelease of ’Slow Death EP’ and the release of 12” single ’Primemover’ – a single that will spearhead the british and US postpunk scene.

When Leather Nun returns to London for the first UK-tour in early 1986, there is a massive rock-celeb turn-out. Ramones rubs elbows with The Clash, Birthday Party, The Cult, Fields of Nephilism and many others

In 1991, Leather Nun is on the verge to break commersially. David Bowie-stoogling Mick Ronson, produces the album ’Nun Permanent’. An album that will outsell all previous Leather Nun-records put together, then their record company went bankrupt which slowly led to their dissolution in 1995.

See a new photo of Jonas (credit: Cato Lein)

In Jan 2014, Leather Nun enters the recording studio for the first time in 23 years.

In Nov 2014, Leather Nun signs an exclusive licensing deal with Swedish label Wild Kingdom / Sound Pollution for the international release of the new album ’Whatever’.

Unlike fellow punk/postpunk bands of the 1970’s/80’s era, they’ve not reunited to flog a dead horse and cash-in on whatever reputation they once had. Leather Nun is not back to entertain the international audience, with songs and sounds of the past. Leather Nun is not back to join the nostalgia-ridden circus of reunited punk and postpunk bands.

Leather Nun is back, to map out the future of r’n’r!

Leather Nun – ”Whatever” – out: 17.04.2015 (Wild Kingdom/ Sound Pollution)

The new track, ”Just Like A Dream” , is the first single released from WHATEVER

and is available now on:



The Radio single for ”Just Like A Dream” will be submitted digitally to Radio DJ’s signed to our Haulix Pool later this afternoon.

The PR for this release is handled by us in Europe (excluding Sweden)!

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